Emergency Numbers or Hotlines to Take Note of When in Manila

When in Manila, safety should always be a priority! We often tend to neglect jutting down important emergency hotlines and just go on living life as usual. But when disaster strikes and you’re unprepared, you’ll end up feeling sorry for yourself and for those who have been inconvenienced because of negligence. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that matter. Not only do these emergency hotlines make things more convenient, it may also help save one’s life in the future.


Emergency Hotlines for Metro Manila

In case of fire

– Bureau of Fire Protection (NCR) – 729-5166, 410-6254, 413-8859, 407-1230

When you need to change your car battery asap

– Motolite Express Delivery 370-MOTO (6686) They deliver 24/7 in key cities nationwide. They also accept credit cards. Tip: trade-in your used battery to get a discount on your new one!

Have water leaks repaired/ report illegal water connections

– Maynilad – 1626

– Manila Water Company – 1627

In case you get into a car accident

– MMDA (Metrobase) – 812-8495, 812-8516, 812-2226, 812-2227

In case you get robbed or something

Emergency Police Assistance – 166

Faulty wiring and other electricity-related concerns

– Meralco – 16211

– Anti – Carnapping – 7570

 – Need Blood Donations – Phil. National Red Cross – 143, 911-1876, 527-000

– In case you encounter problems while you’re travelling on water

Philippine Coast Guard – (02) 527-8481 Loc. 6290/6292, Direct line (02) 328-1098

National Poison Control – 524- 1078

For extreme emergencies caused by calamities like flood, typhoon, etc.

 –          Civil Defense Operation Center – 911-5061

Flight assistance

(632) 877-1109 Connecting all Departments

 (632) 877-1111 Emergency/Complaints Assistance Center

(632) 877-1120 NAIA Terminal 1 Flight Information

(632) 877-1130 NAIA Terminal 2 Flight Information

(632) 832-3566 Old Domestic Terminal 

SMS – (0917) 839-6242 (TextNAIA)

E-Mail: info@miaa.gov.ph

Keep these emergency Manila numbers on a phone directory and place it near your landline. Or you can post it on an easily accessible area in your home.  You can also save them on your mobile phone or write them down and keep them on your wallet just in case. And check the website of these following institutions for updates regarding their hotlines at least once a year.

It is also your responsibility to track your local hotlines like the nearest fire station in your area and barangay hall.  Doing this would make crisis management more convenient. It also lessens the incidence of being passed on to different departments and it decreases waiting time.

So what are you waiting for? Take note of these emergency numbers and hotlines When In Manila! Stay safe! 


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