Dutdutan 12 Tattoo Exhibit: Colt 45 and Tribal Gear Philippines celebrates “Twelve Years of Ink”

Just when I thought that it would be like other press conferences that I attended, the usual program: presentations, open forum and photo-ops, the Dutdutan XII press conference held yesterday at the Magellan Function Room of Discovery suite was a little bit fun, at least for me!

That’s why When In Manila, you should drop by the World Trade Center later and tomorrow (Sept. 28 and 29) for a celebration of 12 years of tattooing, DUTDUTAN XII, presented to us by Colt 45 and Tribal Gear. A two-day event full of tattoos, pole dancers, beers and more tattoos!







Currently dubbed as the biggest and grandest tattoo expo in the country and now in Asia, Dutdutan XII will stage the ultimate skin art show in town. Last year, Dutdutan hosted a mega-crowd of 15,000 attendees, 90 tattoo booths and 200 of the best inkers from all over the world. This year, as presented by Colt 45 and Tribal Gear Philippines, Dutdutan XII will house a staggering 130 tattoo booths and occupy three halls of the WTC, a venue made larger to accommodate the usual and expected multitude of thousands. Taking center stage is a grand tattoo competition featuring tattoo artist from all over the country.


[L to R] Alex Garcia, DJ Anti, Eric Correa, Senen Reyes, Bobby Ruiz and Alan Ayala.


Dutdutan XII also features the performances of renowned international artists such as Senen “SenDog” Reyes and Eric “Bobo” Correa of Californian rap group Cypress Hill, most known for their albums “Black Sunday”. Joining the fray are popular tattoo artists Alan “Big Tiny” Ayala and Alex Garcia. The even will also highlight sensual, exciting performances by international pole dancers, a Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) feature, Drum Duel competition for amateur drummers, and a sizzling bikini contest.

Dutdutan XII’s special guests with Colt 45’s Marketing Manager Mr. Greg Anonas and Brand Manager Ms. Lyka Frontuna.




Mr. Greg Anonas, Colt 45’s Marketing Manager, said that “A tattoo is not just a picture worn on your skin, it often means something deeper than that. Everything about a tattoo’s design (color, size and even position) means something to the person wearing it, and I have tremendous respect for the people who have the courage to express themselves through this art.”

He furthered, “It’s exactly how all the new Colt 45 bottles wear the triple hops seal to communicate the value each hop brings to the Colt 45 experience. The Seal tells us how magnum hops balance out all the beers flavors to put together an awesome beer experience. And just like a person’s tattoos, we too wear the Cold 45 logo and triple hops seal with pride.”



Colt 45’s new design that showcases the triple hop seal!



You might be wondering where’s the fun in this press conference, well it’s relative to me and Mr. Anonas! At the end of the press conference, he taught me how to properly drink beer! Yes, you’ve read that right. Let it be heard in the outset that I’m 19 years old and I couldn’t remember the last time I drank beer. He said that to fully taste the beer’s flavor “it should not touch the tip of your tongue but should touch the back portion and it should reach the roof of your palate.” How to do it? Tilt your head a little bit higher, but not too high! Beer might drench your clothes, just like what happened to me! That’s fun for me and as I write this article I’m putting into practice what Mr. Anonas taught me, and yes there’s a couple of cans left in my cooler!



Dutdutan XII is presented by Colt 45 premium strong beer and Tribal Gear and is set to rock the country later and tomorrow at the World Trade Center.  Dutdutan is not your usual sighting in the sunny metro. But we have only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as what this part of the world has to offer. The best is yet to come.  And you know damn well you won’t be disappointed. Get your tickets (P350 for 1-day pass, P600 for 2-day pass) now at any Tribal Gear boutique! Gates open at 12 in the afternoon.







Colt 45 is available in all leading supermarket nationwide. Tribal Gear apparels are available in Tribal boutiques in malls nationwide.



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Dutdutan 12 Tattoo Exhibit: Colt 45 and Tribal Gear Philippines celebrates “Twelve Years of Ink” 


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