‘Dust Devil’ Spotted in Albay

'Dust Devil' Spotted in Albay


What may look like a mini-hurricane (or an apparation, if you’re religious) struck the Ligao National High School in Ligao, Albay. It was, in fact, a dust devil.

A video taken by Wenjz Wenjzie is making the rounds of social media and shared on Facebook by Pinoy Viral Videos. In the video, students surround what looks like a hurricane that goes around the school grounds. It dissipates in the first few seconds of the video, and reappears. The cycle happens throughout the video.

Dust devils are whirlwinds that vary in height, with lower ones a few meters tall, while taller ones can reach up to 1,000 meters. The intensity of a dust devil is weaker compared to a tornado. Generally, they are harmless, but some are known to cause harm to people and property. They are formed when hot air mixes with cooler, low-pressure air above it. If conditions are right, the air begins to rotate.

Watch the whole video below:



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