Doggie Fun Fair: A Paw-some Day Where Dogs And Dog Lovers of All Ages Unite!


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Doggie Fun Fair: A Paw-some Day Where Dogs And Dog Lovers of All Ages Unite!

When in Manila, all dog lovers know how great it is to be able to take advantage of a good day and spend it with their furry friends. It was a breezy sunday on November 24 and there wasn’t a more perfect time to walk your dog. But for a change, dog owners came together at the Doggie Fun Fair at the Globe Circuit Grounds to celebrate a day dedicated especially to their canine companions.

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For the second time this year, Petlovers Closet and Online Philippines Corporation held their annual dog fair featuring a day of fun-filled activities that included free pet services and a one-of-a-kind PAW-shion show called “In your paws“. For one day, masters tried to figuratively switch places with their pets and vice versa.

There were many interesting contenders and fan favourites at the event. While some went for the extremes and looked rather eccentric and mystifying, others opted for simple animal suits that won the hearts of the crowd.

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The grand prize winner was a dog and owner couple whose resemblance was both shocking and humorous. Though I’m not familiar with the particular breed of the dog, I must say he was a deserving champion because he really placed himself in his dog’s paws (he stayed in character throughout the whole show).

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Around the event were several booths that gave free or discounted services to dogs such as grooming, deworming, blood tests, vaccinations, and consultations. Anything your pet needs, you would’ve found at the Doggie Fun Fair for a bargain.


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The spacious venue was the perfect place for the Doggie Fun Fair event. We all know our furry friends love open spaces to freely roam.

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It was nice to know that most of them (the dogs), if not all, were well trained and friendly. It was a great place to experience different dog breeds and learn with fellow pet owners.

What was even more exciting about the event is that it was held to raise funds for CARA Welfare Philippines and the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

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So, When in Manila, and you love being around dogs and dog lovers, make sure to be present at the next Doggie Fun Fair. Who knows? You might even be lucky enough to find a mate yourself!



Doggie Fun Fair


Doggie Fun Fair: A Paw-some Day Where Dogs And Dog Lovers of All Ages Unite!!