Crossover Costumes: Change The Way You Party with Marvel, DC, Pikachu Costumes, and More!

My favorite time of the year would be the -ber months. Why? There are so many reasons! But mainly because: the weather is finally starting to cool down, the holidays (and day-offs!), the return of my favorite TV shows, and best of all…parties everywhere!

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I LOVE get-togethers. When I say parties, I mean hanging out and probably hogging the karaoke. I know some people love drinking and chatting, but why not give it a new twist? Why not put on costumes? Who said costume parties should be limited to Halloween??

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Crossover Costumes is an amazing shop that lets you either rent spandex costumes or purchase cute and high-quality onesies. Starting out with friends Martti Uy and Jappy Agoncillo trying to pursue their love for superheroes and dressing up geeky (Spiderman holds a special place in their hearts), their business took off when they got invited to an outreach event for kids. It was at that moment they found their higher purpose, which is to inspire their costumers become their own heroes and maybe use the costumes they rent or purchase from them in charity events or initiatives. Fun for a cause! Awesome business origin, right?

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With that vision in mind, they started out categorizing their costumes for Marvel and DC. They have spandex suits and leather suits as well, depending on the costume and the character. Some in their roster would be Spiderman, Black Widow, Catwoman, The Dark Knight Rises, Arrow and more. Price range starts from Php500/day only!

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But here’s my favorite thing about them: onesies. Yes! Super cute and themed onesies! These are great to show off during themed events or a new way to have a slumber party with your friends. Plus, with the weather finally cooling down, it’s also nice to curl up, binge-watch some TV shows while dressed as a fluffy dragon or Pikachu, am I right? And it’s only for Php1,500!

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If you’re not that into dressing up full on, though, they also have a range of fandom accessories going from Php150 to Php1,500. All of their merch are also perfect and super affordable if you’re thinking of gift ideas for Christmas!


Now what are you waiting for? Grab your own Crossover Costume now and start spreading the fluffiness and fun!


Crossover Costumes
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