Creative Visualization Workshop at The Third Eye Wellness


Creative Visualization Workshop

When in Manila got to experience a different kind of workshop at The Third Eye Wellness in Mckinley, The Fort.

Last August 31 I (together with my cousin) attended the Creative Visualization Workshop of The Third Eye Wellness. Lead by the lovely Maisha Chulani, she guided us all throughout the day on how we will be doing our Visualization Boards.

DSC_0644How our mind works

For the first part of the session, she explained to us how our mind works. She said that our mind is a huge circle around us and that only a small portion in our brain represents our “concious” mind and  a very huge (6,000x bigger) portion represents our “sub-concious”. This tells us that anything we think and experience will be stored in our sub-concious and will be 6,000x more powerful and more likely to happen in our lives the more we think of it.

Maisha advised us to “filter out” our thoughts before we go to sleep to get rid of all the negative thoughts and feelings we had during the day so that it won’t be stored in our sub-concious mind. She advised us to be very careful of everything that we think of.

After her explanation, we watched a short video of how a Visualization Board works.


Maisha setting up the video presentation


 Video presentation on how a Visualization Board works 

After we watched the inspiring video, we had a 15 min. break and when we came back, we were guided on how to meditate so we would know what we’d really like to see and put on our Vision Board.


Getting ready to meditate


Maisha instructing us the right position and how to meditate

After we positioned ourselves in an indian sit, we then closed our eyes and listened to the relaxing music/instructional CD which Maisha played.

The meditation helped relaxed my mind and I was able to clear all my thoughts before I started my Vision Board.


Materials for the Vision Board

We were then asked to get all the materials we needed to make our own Vision Board. From colored papers to magazines to glue, everything was provided for us. Maisha asked us to cut out and stick all the images which we want to achieve and have.


Our color and position guide for our Vision Board


 My cousin all set to create her Vision Board