Craving Milk Tea? These are 10 Places that Offer Takeout and Delivery!

Let’s face it— we can’t get enough of milk tea. It’s refreshing, easy to carry around, and more importantly, sweet and tasty. That’s why many brands, both local and international, have come to the Philippines with unique gimmicks, a wide range of flavors, and different price points of their own.

But with the quarantine that seems to stretch on, it’s hard to get your milk tea fix. While others have resorted to making their own drinks to sate them for the time being, others still crave for their favorites. Thankfully, some brands have been gradually reopening their stores for deliveries and takeouts. That way, you thirsty folk can get your sweet fix.

Here’s a list of 10 shops we’ve found so far:

10. Sakura Hanami (Quezon City and Manila)

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A girly milk tea shop covered in flowers from wall to ceiling, Sakura Hanami’s drinks are as delicate and feminine as their interiors. Bestsellers include their Lava Pearl Latte, a sweeter take on the popular brown sugar milk drink, or the decadent Red Velvet Cheesecake Milk Tea.

Currently, their Maginhawa, UST, and Taft branches are open for delivery and takeout. You can also order via Lalafood or FoodPanda, or through Grab and Lalamove’s pabili service.

That’s not all. Sakura Hanami also offers DIY Milk Tea Kits that you can pick up at their branches. Flavors include their Hokkaido Caramel Milk Tea, Choco Overload Milk Tea, and Matcha Creme Milk Tea.

9. The Alley (Quezon City and Manila)

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Craving brown sugar milk? Look no further. This Taiwanese milk tea shop is known for its brown sugar drinks— affectionately called the Deerioca series. Layers of brown sugar pearls and milk are quintessential elements, but they play things up with your choice of chocolate or Matcha for an added twist.

For those who are craving their favorite brown sugar drinks, their Eastwood, SM Manila, and SM Sta. Mesa branches are open for deliveries via Lalafood and FoodPanda.

8. Royaltea (Quezon City, Manila, and Las Pinas)

The frothy cheese cap on drinks was popular back then for adding a salty and creamy flavor to your drink. And Royaltea, a cheesy milk tea concept from China, aims to bring that back again through their line of Cheezo teas and fruit teas. All their drinks are made with freshly brewed teas and fresh ingredients to ensure fresh flavors.

Currently, their BF Pilar, UST Dapitan, and Sto. Domingo branches are open for takeout and delivery. For deliveries, you can order via FoodPanda.

7. Kanto Milk Tea (Makati)

Get your fix of affordable milk teas from Kanto Milk Tea, a local concept in Makati. Prices range from P50 for classic flavors like Wintermelon, Okinawa, Matcha, and Taro, while their Brown Sugar Pearl Cooler is priced at PHP20 only! Wow!

But that’s not all. They even offer savory dishes to go with your milk teas. These include beef pares with rice, beef Mami, Siomai, and Lugaw. You can get all these and more via takeout from 7 AM to 8 PM daily, or via delivery within Palanan, Makati until 6 PM.

6. Macao Imperial Tea (Multiple Branches)

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A brand that needs no further introductions! During the lull of the quarantine, Macao Imperial raised a question to see if people wanted them to reopen for delivery. And after securing more than 10,000 heart reacts in their Facebook post, they kept their promise and reopened their branches for delivery. However, the catch is that you can only order via FoodPanda, Grab, or Lalafood. Sadly, they don’t accept direct orders.

Not to worry! Now that they’re open, you can still get your favorite drinks like their Over the Rainbow for those who want a fruity slush, or the creamy Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea. And best of all, they’ve got branches outside Metro Manila open too!

5. Coco Fresh Tea & Juice (Multiple Branches)

For those who like their milk tea more on the milky side, Coco is your best bet. And depending on what sinkers you like, you can easily customize your Classic Coco Milk Tea. For those who like the springiness of Boba pearls, there’s the Pearl Milk Tea, while those who like tiny sago can get the White Pearl Milk Tea. And if you want both, you can opt for the Panda.

Beyond that, they even have fruit teas and other variants to choose from. And if you’re craving your Coco favorites, good news. They’ve reopened for takeout and deliveries! To order, head over to their stores from 11 AM to 6 PM or get delivery through Lalafood. Check out their available branches here.

4. Black Scoop Cafe (Paranaque)

This milk tea slash ice cream shop has successfully gotten people’s attention with their variety of unique flavors. From a Melona ice cream to a Tequila Rose soft-serve, Black Scoop really has quirky flavors up their sleeve. This also extends to their drinks (Pei Pa Koa, anyone?). Flavors to look out for include their Hershey Milk Tea, Blueberry Cheesecake Milk Tea, and Black Bison to name a few.

Currently, the Black Scoop in BF Aguirre will be open for takeouts from 10 AM to 7 PM, and they can deliver within BF Homes.

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Without further ado, these are our top 3 milk tea picks that deliver:

3. Tiger Sugar (Quezon City and Taguig)

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Brown Sugar Milk and Milk Tea are still trending to this day, and Tiger Sugar is one of the pioneers known for this blend. And get this— they even have Brown Sugar Boba Popsicles too! During this quarantine, Tiger Sugar reopened their Banawe (Del Monte) and BGC branches for takeout and delivery to support the farmers who provide their milk, and to serve up Brown Sugar milk in the yummiest way possible.

And get this— you can even buy the milk in 1-liter bottles! For those who are getting more than 5 bottles, Tiger Sugar asks that you bring your own cooler. Meanwhile, if you’re just after their Brown Sugar drinks, you can always order on Lalafood.

2. Yi Fang (Quezon City)

Another Taiwanese milk tea store reopens this quarantine, and its name is Yi Fang. To create their drinks, they use freshly brewed teas and fresh fruits. Plus, they pride themselves in not using any additives. Crowd favorites include their Brown Sugar milk drinks, along with their Fruit Teas like the Signature Fruit Tea— a refreshing mix of citrusy orange, apples, passion fruit, and black tea.

Currently, their Banawe, Maginhawa, and Tomas Morato branches in Quezon City are open for takeout and delivery from 10 AM to 6 PM, along with their Rufino branch in Makati from 11 AM to 6 PM. For deliveries, you can place your orders through GrabFood, FoodPanda, or LalaFood.

1. Good Good (Quezon City)

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Hailing from the milk tea capital that is Taiwan, Good Good offers milk teas and fruit teas made with fresh fruits, fresh ingredients, and freshly brewed teas. But beyond their tea-based options, they also offer healthy smoothies and fruit juices that are made with 100% real fruits. Bestsellers include their Double B— a brown sugar, and boba milk drink— or the floral Black Rose Milk tea, which they can serve in a flower cup for an added fee. Talk about extra! Extra adorable, that is.

Currently, their branches in Scout Tobias (Tomas Morato) and Banawe are open for takeout and deliveries from 11AM to 7PM for the former, and 11AM to 6PM for the latter. They’re also available in GrabFood, FoodPanda and Lalafood for deliveries.

Which milk tea brand do you have your eye set on? Let us know in the comments!

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