Get Good Good Milk Teas, Smoothies, and Fruit Teas Delivered During the Quarantine

Milk tea lovers rejoice! Another player is back in the game!

Craving milk tea during the quarantine? We feel you.

Thankfully, there are a bunch of options in GrabFood, LalaFood or FoodPanda that can deliver – and a lot more have opened compared to the first few weeks of quarantine. This is really, really great news because that means more options and more boba!

However, if you’re looking for a place that offers a wide range of drinks beyond the classic brown sugar milk teas, Good Good is one place you ought to check out. This Taiwanese brand features fruit teas, milk teas, and even smoothies. And get this— they use fresh fruits, fresh ingredients, and freshly brewed teas for all of their offerings.

And did we mention that they even serve their drinks in the most adorable flower cups ever? Talk about Instagrammable!

Whether you’re a newbie trying this place out or a regular, you’ll be happy to know that they’re back for deliveries. Just this April, Good Good reopened not only their Scout Tobias branch, but even their Banawe one! So now, you can order your drinks via GrabAssistant, FoodPanda, Lalamove, and LalaFood from 11AM to 7PM in their Scout Tobias branch, and from 11AM to 6PM in their Banawe branch.

And don’t worry. They follow strict health and safety protocol when it comes to cleanliness, so you’ll be safe. Man, it’s definitely good to be back!

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Good Good

Instagram: @goodgoodphilippines

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