LOOK: This Instagrammable Tea Shop Serves Healthy, Natural Drinks in Flower Cups

In a tropical country as hot as the Philippines, cold drinks are always in demand any time of day. That’s probably why milk tea is such a hit here with dozens of branches in every corner. While there are many local and international milk tea players in the market, though, we can’t deny that Taiwanese brands have really made a big impact here in the Philippines. If you’re looking for a healthy fix, Good Good is a place that you can check out.

Good Good PH 3

Located along Tomas Morato, Good Good Philippines is an underrated Taiwanese franchise brought in by a local company. It all started with the owner’s quest for something to quench his thirst one trip to Taiwan, where he found this hidden gem in the Ximending area. He and his wife tried their Brown Sugar drink— the Double B— and instantly fell in love. After numerous trips and negotiations, he then secured the sole franchising rights for the Philippines and signed the contract on February 2019.

Good Good PH 10

Construction didn’t begin as quickly as it should, though, since the owner had grander plans for this brand. Understanding the younger generation’s need for an Instagrammable spot to go with their drinks, he then created his own 3D rendering of the store, which was shown to the main owners. They loved it, gave the go signal, and even used the design for their own Taiwan branches! And so, Good Good Philippines officially opened its doors on June 29, 2019 with the Taiwan owners present along with family and friends.

Just look at the place! Good Good Philippines boasts of picture-perfect spots in varying styles.

Good Good PH 1

From classy white walls to posh dark woods with dim yellow lights casting shadows…

Good Good PH 2

…to fun walls lined with doodles…

Good Good PH 9

…to lush greenery and white wooden walls reminiscent of a summer day!

Although the picturesque stores serve as a backdrop, the star will still have to be their drinks. Good Good proudly uses natural ingredients and freshly brewed teas for their drinks— a feat that not all milk tea chains can compete with. Their ingredients all come from Taiwan (the fruits being the only exceptions, which are fresh and locally-sourced). Each drink is made fresh and does not have any flavorings or preservatives. Your health-conscious parents can rest easy knowing that you’re not overloading yourself with overly sugary drinks that way.

Good Good PH 5

That’s not all. Much like every chain store wanting to stand out, Good Good offers a few gimmicks up their sleeve. This includes their Flower Cup— a first in the Philippines. It’s a visual treat for the eyes and just works well with the nature theme that Good Good has going on. To get this cute cup, you just need to add P40 to your order.

Good Good PH 4

Another promo to look out for is their Seasonal drinks: limited-edition flavors available every month. The owner mentions playing around with Dragonfruit, one of the seasonal fruits that has quickly become a crowd favorite in their next set of blends.

Good Good PH 16

Now back to the drinks: Good Good features a wide variety of choices for people of all ages. We’re talking about the basics of every milk tea shop: classic milk teas, fruit teas, brewed teas, and the cream cheese series. These teas are made with three kinds of tea bases, all of which are freshly brewed with real tea leaves, including their classic black tea, light and subtle green tea, and a roasted four seasons base. Good Good also offers something much healthier, too, which really highlights the goodness of local fruits by adding smoothies and juices to their roster of drinks.

Good Good PH 17

Notable drinks during our visit include their:

Good Good PH 15

Double B (P120 for 500ml, P140 for 700ml)

The brown sugar drink that captured the hearts of the owner and his wife. Double B refers to Brown Sugar and Boba, the two ingredients that add a touch of sweetness to creamy milk. While the ingredients sound deceptively easy to make, though, it’s hard to get the right ratio. Plus, the quality of the ingredients actually stand out more because it’s simple. For this drink, Good Good only uses fresh milk— none of that powdered stuff.

(Pro Tip: missing the taste of tea? They also have a Triple B drink featuring Black tea, Boba and Brown Sugar)

Good Good PH 14

Matcha Special (P190) and Taro Special (P190)

Cream cheese drinks made with a four seasons tea base, these drinks are more creamy than cheesy, but arguably cheesier than other brands. The froth surprisingly stayed on for a long time, which means that it’s really rich. As for the Matcha drink on the left, there are notable earthy flavors, but with a balanced ratio of milk, cream and green tea. Nothing overpowered another. The Taro Special also had milky and earthy ube flavors, and I liked that it didn’t have the gritty powdery taste that you might expect from an ube drink. They definitely didn’t use any instant mix to achieve that, let me tell you!

Good Good PH 11

Mango Tea with Cream Cheese (P160) and Chocolate Milk with Cream Cheese (P150)

The mango tea features the light blend of green tea for its base along with some sweet mango juice. It’s then finished off with a frothy layer of cream cheese that resembles whipped cream but tastes slightly salty. It’s a paradox of rich and subtle flavors that surprisingly work well together. Speaking of rich, the Chocolate Milk with Cream Cheese is exactly that. Made with cocoa, chocolate milk, and the very same cream cheese froth; this drink is perfect for chocolate lovers. Don’t you worry, though— this drink isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. It has a light bitter cocoa taste that melds well with the sweet taste of chocolate.

Good Good PH 13

Black Rose Milk Tea (P120 for 500ml, P140 for 700ml)

A gradient layer of milk, tea, and rose. It’s sweet and milky with a floral touch. And if you’re that extra, you can get it with their special flower cup! Unlike the cream cheese drinks, this one features a light milky flavor, so it really goes down smoothly.

Good Good PH 8

Green Grin (P160) and Grape Escape (P150)

These refreshing fruit juices are made with only the freshest fruits down to the seeds and bits of fruit that you get with each sip. The Green Grin is made up of a summery mix of coconut juice and kiwi— light and subtle— while the Grape Escape is a sweet drink made with freshly squeezed red grapes and a touch of passionfruit!

Good Good PH 7

Strawberry Blonde (P220) and Tropical Paradise (P220)

If you’re looking for a healthy fix, Good Good’s smoothies are perfect for you. For those who aren’t a fan of fruit, you’ll be happy to know that these smoothies are made sweet. Their bestsellers include the Strawberry Blonde, which features layers of strawberry and orange shake with Chia seeds in the middle. It’s a good mix of sweet and sour. If you like dragonfruit like the owner does, the Tropical Paradise has tons of it along with other sweet fruits like apple and pineapple which elevate the normal subtle flavors of dragonfruit. The lemon adds a refreshing spritz of acidity.

Good Good PH 6

Berried Treasure (P220)

A literal buried treasure made with strawberry and blueberry. It’s sweet with a touch of sourness blended together in a pink and purple drink reminiscent of flowers in bloom.

There’s more where that came from; but trust me: no matter what you choose, their drinks are not just good. They’re really Good Good!

Good Good Philippines

49C Sct. Tobias St, Diliman, Quezon City


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goodgoodph/

Instagram: @goodgoodphilippines

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