Craving Milk Tea? Tiger Sugar is Back Amid Community Quarantine!

Take note: they’re only reopening 2 branches

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Milk Tea is of the many things that I, along with many others, miss most during the ongoing community quarantine. Yes, I’m riding the brown sugar milk tea wave, but how can I, a tea lover and sweet tooth, resist that? Just think— freshly brewed tea with a splash of milk, pumps of brown sugar (sinful, I know) and those bouncy balls of chewy boba pearls? It’s enough to make my mouth water.

But with a limited number of shops open, let alone for delivery, where are we supposed to get our milky fix?

Well, I’ve got good news for you. Tiger Sugar, the famous Taiwanese shop from Taiwan, is back in action starting March 23, even during the ongoing quarantine!

Like many other stores who abruptly had to close their stores during the Enhanced Community Quarantine, Tiger Sugar also had problems liquidating (pun intended) their stock— aka their milk supply. They then posted a call to action on their Instagram asking for someone who could donate all their excess milk in storage— 1,300 liters to be exact.

And they were able to find someone who donated it on their behalf too! Crisis averted… for now.

Helping their Farmers

However, this is far from over yet. According to a recent post by Tiger Sugar, their farmers are also feeling the effects of the crisis. Their livelihood of providing milk may be affected with most of the Tiger Sugar branches closed during the quarantine. Thus, Tiger Sugar wanted to help them by reopening 2 of their branches: the one in Del Monte (Quezon City) and in BGC.

So aside from getting some yummy Brown Sugar Milk, you can also help these farmers by buying 1-liter milk bottles in-store. Or if you can’t go out, there’s always delivery via Lalafood as an option.

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