Chillsack Air Sofa: The Perfect Companion to Chill With on Your Next Adventure

Heading to the beach this weekend, but have no air pumps for your inflatables? Or maybe you’re planning your next hiking trip, but find bringing small chairs a bit of hassle. Well, Chillsack Air Sofa‘s got you covered.

This portable little thing is so easy to set-up, and the bag design makes it so convenient to carry around. You can also choose from seven different colors. (Mine’s black!) Adorbs, right?


What’s great about ChillSack Air Sofa is that you don’t need to bring air pumps; all you need to do is add “air” and it’ll magically transform into a sofa! Check out the video below to learn the proper way to inflate your ChillSack.

And then, ta-dah! You have your very own “cute, lightweight, and mushy” sofa that you can use in place of an inflatable pool raft, or as a outdoor lounge chair, only a bit more fluffy. You can also use it as a bed on your next hike! Since it’s the rainy season, though, I’m simply using mine indoors. The coach potato in me is loving the my new movie partner. 😉

ChillSack 2

ChillSack Air Sofa is currently available at the Locallective Store in Eastwood Mall, Quezon City. You can also order online. Happy travelling! (Or sleeping, if you may.)

Chillsack Air Sofa

Locallective Store, Eastwood Mall, Quezon City


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