Celebrate Grandparents Day with a Venetian Getaway Right Here in Manila

Looking for ways to please your old folks this Grandparents Days? Why not take them to a Venetian weekend right here in Manila.

Many of us grew up loving how our grandparents have spoiled us in a way our parents simply cannot. Good thing we have Grandparents Day every year, which is a great time for us to honor and reward them for their unconditional love.

While there are plenty of ways to make them feel special on this day, a lot of grandparents just love to travel and spend quality time discovering new experiences and creating new memories with the family, especially the grandkids

Luckily for us here in Manila, a Venetian getaway is just around the corner. Located at the heart of McKinley Hill in Taguig City, Venice Grand Canal offers the most authentic and immersive Venetian experience in the country.

From the colorful and detailed Venetian architecture, the romantic ambiance, Italian restaurants, and a man-made canal with singing gondoliers, Venice Grand Canal is as close as one can get in experiencing the romantic city of Venice. And the good news is we do not need to book a plane ticket to give our grandparents a slice of Venezia.

So this Grandparents Day, take your grandparents on a Venetian getaway at Venice Grand Canal. In case you haven’t been there, here are some of the things you can do with the grandparents at the country’s most romantic and picturesque mall.

Gondola Ride

The best way to experience the beautiful scenery of Venice Grand Canal is by floating aboard a romantic Gondola ride. Like a scene from a movie, your grandparents can glide gracefully through the mall’s man-made canal while being serenaded by singing gondoliers.

Grand Canal

The Venice Grand Canal’s Gondola Ride is the first of its kind attraction in the Philippines. If you think it can’t get any more Venetian or romantic, the cruise takes on an even more dreamlike atmosphere at night when Venice Grand Canal transforms with an evening glow. The Gondola rides are open every weekend from 1PM to 11PM. It’s definitely a must try for the grandparents.

Love Locks

Gran Caffe Lavena Venice Piazza Taguig Mae Ilagan When in Manila interior (7 of 16)

In true Venetian fashion, Venice Grand Canal also has an area for Love Locks. Take your grandparents atop the Ponte de Amore Bridge and have them renew their pledge of love by placing their own locks complete with their messages of devotion.

Venetian Concerto

Venetian Concerto 2

No trip to the Venice Grand Canal will be complete without having a glimpse of its cultural highlight, a Venetian Concerto. Catch this 30-minute musical showcase featuring two Italian opera singers from 7PM – 8:30PM. Best viewing points are at the side of Grand Canal and areas near the Ponte de Amore Bridge.

Pigeon Feeding

Take a short walk to Venice Piazza and you will find the friendly and adorable faces of the resident pigeons of the plaza.

photo credit: @s3an_delier

photo credit: @s3an_delier

The pigeons are not there by chance of course but are an added attraction to the ambiance of the Venice Piazza that makes the European feel of the mall even more experiential Recreating the pigeon feeding phenomenon at Venice’s Piazza San Marco, you can actually purchase feeder kits sold at the venue, spread the seeds and watch the pigeons come flying. Your grandparents are sure to love this activity as the pigeons are not shy to be approached.

Take a Slice of Italy

For a true Venetian experience, don’t leave Venice Grand Canal without visiting one of its authentic Italian restaurants.

Gran Caffe Lavena

You won’t find a more authentic Venetian experience than Gran Caffe Lavena. With a Venetian owner, an Italian head chef, and ingredients and décor flown in from Venice, the restaurant and café looks and feels as if it was teleported from Venice itself.

Gran Caffe Lavena

The restaurant specializes in dreamy pastries and coffee because who knows desert and coffee better than the Italians. Let your Grandparents dine on the best of Venetian confections as you view the beauty of Venice Grand at Grand Caffe Lavena at the Rialto Bridge.

Ponte Rialto

Pizza Ponte Rialto Sauceria McKinley Hill Venice Grand Canal Megaworld Mae Ilagan (35 of 70)

Pizza Ponte Rialto Sauceria McKinley Hill Venice Grand Canal Megaworld Mae Ilagan (31 of 70)

Located strategically next to the mall’s very own replica of Italy’s most beautiful bridge and the namesake of the restaurant itself, Ponte Rialto has the perfect waterfront view of the Grand Canal and the Gondolas that pass by every weekend. Treat your grandparents to regional Italian dishes made with ingredients flown in from Italy.

Rice and Dough

Venice Grand Canal Mall Venice Piazza McKinley Hill Taguig Rice & Dough Mae Ilagan (6 of 10)

Venice Grand Canal Mall Venice Piazza McKinley Hill Taguig Rice & Dough Mae Ilagan (9 of 10)

Rice and Dough is the brand new restaurant concept from the minds that brought us Torch. This time they are coming up with a progressive fusion restaurant that marries Italian cuisine with other flavors in an eye-catching and delicious fashion.

Toni and Sergio

For an experience than will further strengthen your bond with your grandparents visit the Italian –Spanish restaurant Toni and Sergio.

Venice Grand Canal Mall Toni & Sergio Mae Ilagan (14 of 14)

Build on the spirit of friendship, the restaurant prides itself in creating a harmonious atmosphere that your grandparents will adore. From their waterside location to the fusion cuisine the restaurant’s strength is creating an ambiance for a memorable bonding experience.

Gran Caffe Lavena Venice Piazza Taguig Mae Ilagan When in Manila interior (3 of 16)

Take an Italian escapade in the heart of Manila only at Venice Grand Canal. For more information, please call the Venice Grand Canal Concierge at 624-1971, 0917-5129934 or send an email to veniceconcierge@megaworld-lifestyle.com. Follow Venice Grand Canal on Facebook at facebook.com/VenicePiazza and @McKinleyHill_ on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates.