Caught on Video: Child Falls Out of a Moving Van

A shocking video of a child who fell out of a moving van spread like a rapid-fire online.

toddler falls off the van

People’s Daily Online reported that the terrifying footage was captured on a dash cam of the car behind in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.

The dash cam captured the terrifying scenario of how a child fell off, stood, and attempted to chase the van as it drove away.

Based on the video, the incident luckily happened at a stoplight, which then gave an ample time for the driver to immediately stop and prevent further injuries.

According to China’s local news outlet, Sina Online, the one driving was the boy’s grandfather. Furthermore, the van’s door had reportedly malfunctioned after being involved in a rear-end accident, which was the reason why the door popped open whilst moving.

Watch the intensifying footage below.

Source: CCTV

Seatbelt Law in the Philippines

Republic Act No. 8750 also known as “Seat Belts Use Act of 1999” demonstrates the strict implementation of wearing seatbelts to any private and public vehicles, excluding motorcycles and tricycles.

Use of car seats for infants must be observed, as well.

This is why I am strict when it comes to traveling with kids. I always check the vehicle if there are seatbelts for passengers in the front and back of the car.

mom as original seatbelt

Yup, that’s me!

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