WATCH: Video That Shows How Important It Is To Wear A Seatbelt At All Times

Road accidents may happen regardless of the time and location. This is why we need to ensure we practice safety procedures such as checking the breaks, water, oil, tires, especially, wearing the seatbelts, to prevent more serious road injuries.

In the Philippines, the law requiring everyone to wear a seatbelt, was implement on May 1st of 2000.


The RA 8750 or the Seat Belt Law was executed to minimize the number of road injuries and deaths. The Law further states that children below six (6) are prohibited from sitting in the front seat.

So, why am I writing this? Well, apparently, I wasn’t wearing one when we got rear-ended by a Jeepney recently. As a result, I incurred injuries that should have been prevented had I worn the seatbelt. For example, I could’ve minimized my chest pains and bruises if I didn’t slam my head and chest in the dashboard.

Obviously, that was a wake-up call that everyone must wear a seatbelt at all times. Even though, you’re just driving around the village.

The video below demonstrates how wearing one could actually minimize injuries. Watch below:

Source: TexasClickit

Ultimately, seatbelts are made for a reason – to save someone’s life. Let’s make it a habit of wearing them.

What do you feel when you see someone not wearing a seatbelt? Share your answers below!


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