5 Reasons Why Having a Dash Cam is Now a Necessity

The dash cam, also known as, dashboard camera has become a necessity now for every vehicle owner. The first time I saw a dash cam was when I was in Australia. Although it wasn’t mandatory (to have one), my dad installed one, anyway. This was to secure him and his passenger’s safety from accidents and any other form of road mishaps.

car accident motorcycle marcos highway baguio city

This footage wherein a motorcycle got badly hit by a car was captured by a dashcam and went viral. Netizens were appalled and shared it to spread awareness not to swerve on a blind curve.

Certainly, a Dashboard Camera or dashcam is the perfect gadget that can protect you from these situations, or from the few bad apple Traffic Officers on our Metro Manila roads. These dashboard HD cameras are actually the same ones that U.S. police cars use to monitor the roads.

Surprising enough, the Filipino vehicle owners are now picking up the benefits of having a dash cam installed.

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Zumi Dashcam is one of the best and most affordable choices that you can get for protection in these cases. For the full review read: Zumi DashCam: Your Eye on the Road.

Ideally, dashcam’s benefits aren’t just used to capture bad incidents but also the good deeds you see along the way. Just like the saying, we must give credit when it is due.

On the other hand, with the rising number of road accidents in the Philippines, having a dashcam becomes a necessity. According to the statistics mentioned in the newsinfo.inquirer.net, the MMDA 2015 data recorded a total of 27,529 road accidents in Quezon City alone. (Source)

In line with the securitybros.com article, installing a dashboard camera has a plethora of benefits that can be useful for you someday. Here are my top 5 reasons why you should have one.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should have one.

5. Capture Car Accidents and new modus operandi

This is the primary reason why vehicle owners invest in a dashboard camera.

Hit and run at BGC

The video was captured by Nic Uyliapco and was shared to Top Gear Philippines’ Facebook Page. What happened was, the Toyota Innova hit a motorcycle. As the victim stood up from the collision, the Innova driver did not show any remorse by trying to run over the victim. As luck would have it, everything was captured by the DashCam.

4. Modus Operandi

Another benefit is you can help spread awareness. For instance, the below video uploaded by dashcamJournalsPH, you can see how a group of kids threw rocks on moving traffic along C5.

3. Capture Rude or Abusive Passengers 

Of course, we also have to think about the safety of our drivers. Hence, a dashcam could help capture rude or abusive passengers.

2. It could be used to record your travel (and your way back home!)

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Dashcam is relatively beneficial to people who love to travel. You could use your dash cam to record wonderful memories, and voila, you have an instant memory keeper for your travel escapades!

Personally, I’d get the dashcam so we could record our travel and use it as a guide on our way back home! We don’t have a sense of direction, so a documented trip would be helpful! LOL

1. It could help sanction undisciplined drivers 

Do you still remember the Bus that ran over the MMDA orange barriers?

Bus edsa barrier

How about those cars occupying the other lane?



And, the list goes on and on.

Whether you are driving a private vehicle or not, having a dash cam is similar to an “insurance policy.”

Should you encounter the above-mentioned examples, you are covered!

Ultimately, dashcam is a great investment for your own safety and should you require legal pieces of evidence. There are a lot of dash cameras available in the market, it’s up to you which suits your taste and budget the most.

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