Caught On Camera: Innova Hits Motorcycle, Flees Scene Hitting Another Motorcycle in BGC

Video by niceguynic

Mr. James Deakin posted this video a few hours ago from publishing.

It shows an intersection in Bonifacio Global City. When the stoplight turned green, the opposite side wanted to run a red light causing danger to the approaching traffic.

The Toyota Innova with plate number ACA 9130 hit a motorcycle. As the victim stood up from the collision, the Innova driver did not show any remorse by trying to run over the victim.

Shocking as another motorcycle stood by the intersection where the Innova may flee through but the Innova driver still hit the 2nd motorcycle causing the driver and passenger to fall off of their vehicle.

Direct Quote:

Help. Anyone know the owner/driver of this Innova plate number ACA 9130? He ran a traffic light, was on the wrong side of the road, hit a motorcycle, backed up, then hit another motorcycle that was trying to prevent him getting away. All in broad daylight in BGC. PM me if you have details. Share it if you don’t. Video by niceguynic

Wow! Shocking video.

Does anyone know this driver or owner of the car?