Breaking Your Diet Will Be a ‘Piece of Cake’ with These Sinful Desserts

Words and Photos by Gabi Fresnido

Who would’ve thought that an amalgamation of flour, eggs, butter, milk, and sugar would create a delicious dessert people would actually crave? Besides serving us on all kinds of occasions, cakes also give a positive statement that there is something worth celebrating. It makes you feel as if there’s something special going on. In our family, we bond and celebrate over good cakes and coffee. Enticed to get a piece of cake, everyone gathers around and enjoys desserts together.

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Because of my family’s love for cakes, I’ve acquired a taste that only yearns for the best-tasting cakes. Personally, I fall in love with moist cakes which have just the right amount of sweetness; the kind of cake that won’t make you feel nau-umay or weary of its strong taste.

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À La Crème, which apparently came from a french word meaning “in the manner of cream”, lives up to its name as their best-selling products are none other than cakes. But not just any cake—heavenly, savory, delectable, and sinful cakes that will make your mouth water. My personal favorites are the ube macapuno with walnuts and sinful chocolate cake. Here’s why:

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I’m not usually that enthusiastic when it comes to ube flavored dessert, but when I had a taste of this ube cake, the flavor wasn’t overwhelming and was overall a good combination of sweet flavors. There was a gentleness of the ube flavor, the twinge of the macapuno and coconut-y flavor, and the crunch of the walnuts gave me the temptation to devour it in one sitting.

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On the other hand, this cake, it’s all in the name. The sinful chocolate cake, unlike most chocolate cakes, isn’t too sweet and won’t make you feel fed up with the flavor. It’s definitely a classic flavor, but one that never gets too old. This cake is combined with moist cake and sweet chocolate mousse that melts in your mouth. It has walnuts in it as well which definitely makes it taste even better!

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Don’t care for these flavors? Not to worry!! À La Crème offers more of their delectable goods that will satisfy your taste buds! They offer the Sans Rival, Mango Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Black Forest, Red Velvet Cheesecake, Carrot-Walnut Cheesecake, and many more! You can visit their numerous branches in Pampanga, either in San Fernando or Angeles city, and also their new branch in Katipunan!

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