CALLING ALL UBE-LOVERS: This Sweets Shop is an Ube Smorgasbord

Words by Audrey Kho

From a high school entrepreneurship project to a full-blown bakery that is fast-growing, Bellefleur by Beatrix truly deserves its loyal customers from all over the world–from Cavite to Sta. Rosa, to even Europe and Australia.

This humble 18-square meter shop in Greenhills is loved by many because of their delicious array of ube pastries! Chances are that if you are reading this right now, you love ube, and are looking for somewhere new to satisfy those ube cravings. Well, look no further! We tried four of Bellefleur by Beatrix’s ube pastries, and–you heard this from us!–they are totally going to rock your world.


4. Frozen Ube Brazo


Frozen Ube Brazo of Bellefleur by Beatrix


Don’t let the size of this cake fool you–its light, not-too-sweet taste makes it Bellefleur by Beatrix’s all-time bestseller. The crisp, Filipino-favorite taste of ube ice cream is deliciously sandwiched in between a sweet, gelatinous layer of brazo on top and the cookie-like bottom layer, creating a unique texture that leaves you craving for so much more than one slice. You don’t have to worry about the ice cream melting too fast, because you will surely finish the cake faster than you can say: “delicious!”

3. Double Decker Ube Leche Flan


Double Decker Ube Leche Flan of Bellefleur by Beatrix

If you live a ways away from Bellefleur’s shop in Greenhills (Let’s say, Belgium? Yes, they get customers from Belgium!) and so can’t order the frozen ube brazo, then this is exactly the cake for you. Bellefleur has taken the two ultimate Filipino sweets and combined them to create this decadent, IG-worthy monstrosity that makes your mouth water for more. The two layers of ube cake drenched in the caramel from the layers of leche flan will make anyone’s stomach sing in joy.

2. Ube Velvet Cupcakes


Ube Velvet Cupcakes of Bellefleur by Beatrix

Have you been craving for a Filipino twist on your favorite red velvet cupcake? Belleflour serves ube velvet cupcakes just for you! The ube cake base is baked to perfection, but the real highlight of this pastry is the icing. The slightly sour white icing spread artfully on top steals the show, with a generous amount of ube powder dusting completing this satisfying, easy-on-the-eyes pastry.

1. Ube Macaroons

Ube Macaroons of Bellefleur by Beatrix

If you’re looking for something a little bit less sinful, then you’ve got to try the ube macaroons. Already, nothing can go wrong with a classic like macaroons, but the twist with the ube makes it even more attractive to your sweets-craving stomach. These bite-sized pastries are perfect for those who crave for something sweet, but are committed to watching the numbers on that scale.

Other than these amazing ube pastries, you can try their frozen Thai milk tea brazo and Ferrero-topped chocolate cake with Nutella–they both sound too good to be true.

Belleflour by Beatrix has truly come a long way, from a small high school entrepreneurship project to a well-loved, innovative bakery. This sweets shop deserves its loyal customers from all over the world–we at When In Manila now included. We can’t wait for what other decadent, crazy ideas Belleflour by Beatrix will come up with next!

Flatlay of Desserts from Belleflour by Beatrix


Belleflour by Beatrix

Unit FL-01, G/F Unimart Greenhills Shopping Center (Beside Ho-land Hopia)
Contact Number: 0917 825 8730
Facebook: Bellefleur by Beatrix
Instagram: @BellefleurbyBeatrix