Move Over Red Velvet Cupcakes, Brazo Cupcakes are the Next Big Thing

Words and Photos by Rianna Bernabe

Brazo de Mercedes is a classic Filipino favorite when it comes to dessert. By clicking on this article, you probably already know what it is. If not, today marks a big day as you discover about this Brazo-mazing treat.

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It’s a rolled cake made of sweet, soft meringue, and has a rich, egg-yolk-based custard at the center.

brazo 2

More than just a dessert for special occasions, the brilliant minds of Sweet Love Cakes and Pastries has made Brazo evolve into the perfect snack for every sweet tooth. This home-based, start-up pastry shop decided to turn this marshmallow-like phenomenon into cute little cupcakes!

brazo 3

Expect the right amount of fluff with every bite, and indulge your taste buds with the decadent custard filling as you make your way to the center of the cupcake.

Did we mention that it melts in your mouth? It has an incredibly soft and spongy texture which allows each bite to disappear in your mouth, making the cupcake twice as addicting as it should be!

brazo 4

They sell 3 pieces of these glorious cupcakes at Php 100, 6 pieces at Php 165, and 1 dozen at Php 300. All you have to do is to hit them up on their social media to order and have the boxes delivered straight to your doorstep.

brazo 5

Now you can get that maximum sugar rush on-the-go, and made to share! Satisfy those cravings the right way and let your sweet tooth thank you later. So move over, red velvet cupcakes. These Brazo cupcakes are taking over the local snacking spotlight!

Sweet Love Cakes and Pastries

Remedios Compound, Barangay Maly, San Mateo, Rizal


Instagram: @sweetlovecakesandpastries