LOOK: This Frozen Brazo Cake in Can just might be your newest go-to dessert!

Cakes in cans are trending all around nowadays. This just shows that, while many of us enjoy beautifully designed and decorated cakes, a lot of us choose great tasting cakes over aesthetics (although who am I to discredit the aesthetic of cakes in tin cans–that’s a whole other look on its own).

I’m sure you’ve seen the viral chocolate cakes in cans. If you’re a fan of eating sweet stuff straight out of the can, then you’ll be glad to know that the classic chocolate cake isn’t your only option anymore. Now, you can get your very own frozen brazo cake in a can, too!

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Gavrie’s Grace of Cakes is behind this spectacular creation of a cake. They’re an online seller of delicious sweets and pastries such as chocolate chip cookies and whole yema cakes, but one of their biggest best sellers is the Frozen Brazo Cake. And it’s called a best-seller with good reason!


I cannot express enough how mouthwatering the frozen brazo is. The fluffy merengue itself is so fluffy and smooth, and it literally melts in the mouth. I love how that part isn’t too sweet because it balances out the combination of their signature yema custard and original homemade vanilla ice cream. The bottom layer of cheesecake crust adds a welcome crumbly texture to this cake.

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It actually tastes like the smoother and milkier version of the fruity graham cakes a lot of us love. And with it being frozen, it’s also like the beautiful baby of ice cream and cake.

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This cake in a can seems like a lot of things at once, and it’s a very good thing! You can be sure that you get more than enough of what you paid for. With each tub only at PHP 450, it’s the very definition of sulit.

Don’t worry about finishing the whole tub. No one will be judging you because it’s really that good. So, if you’re up for a small get-together that requires cake, or if you’re just feeling like finishing a whole can of cake by yourself, I will wholeheartedly recommend that you try the Frozen Brazo by Gavrie’s Grace of Cakes.

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