This Bracelet Shocks You When You Eat Unhealthy Food, Smoke, or Oversleep

You may want to think again before putting that donut in your mouth or lighting another cigarette with this bracelet that can help you break your bad habits. (It’s available online!)

The Pavlok will give you a 350-volt electric shock every time you step out of line – may it be oversleeping, nail biting, smoking, unhealthy eating, or even nail-biting. According to its website, the technology is a ‘training device’ that works by utilizing Aversive Conditioning. It basically tracks negative stimuli and helps train your brain to associate bad behavior with the uncomfortable stimulus.


You have to use the product for at least two weeks before you can see the effects. The brand understands that fixing some of your habits can be a long journey and Pavlok is just the gadget to push you a little more.

The watch also has an app so you can track the habits that you want to get rid of. It is currently priced at $199 (around Php10,000).

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