Boodle Fight Manila: Skip the Restaurant and Dive into the Fray

Written by Louise De Luna (@louisedeluna) / Photos by Eia Collantes (@eiacollantes) and Sky Gavin 

Food has always been important in every country’s culture. It’s telling of what kind of climate a country has, how history shaped it, and how its people live.

In our country, eating is not just about filling our stomachs, but also about catching up and telling stories around the table (and sometimes, even sermons from the folks).

In Spanish, it’s called sobremesa, which pertains to the time after a meal where everyone just stays at the dining table to talk.

Boodle Fight Manila

Boodle Fight Manila brings this to another level by having everyone closer – waaay closer – compared to sitting next to each other around a table. Shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm and sharing what is basically a giant banana leaf plate, boodle fight literally and metaphorically brings everyone together. (Nothing says “we’re close” better than fishing that piece of egg from your neighbor’s pile, no?)

The term “boodle fight” is actually a Filipino military term. Eating together with their bare hands developed camaraderie and equality between soldiers, thus improving their teamwork and trust in each other. It tells a lot about our culture, if you think about it.


Boodle fights often feature simple but scrumptious dishes that remind everyone of home. Ranging from seafood to roasted pork and talong, there’s something for everyone – even if you’re vegan or allergic to seafood!

And of course, who can forget about those fluffy white grains that we obsess over? Can’t forget the rice!


Amidst the popularity of themed restaurants and third wave cafes, Boodle Fight Manila brings back the simplicity and rustic charm of eating together. Ditch the chairs and utensils and really get in there together, and add flavor to the already flavorful feast.

Not only does this promote camaraderie with traditional Filipino food, Boodle Fight Manila’s meals are also convenient, especially for large groups! Remember the hassle of finding a table good for 10 of your friends? Yeah. You won’t need to worry about that here.

So, next time, maybe skip the traditional restaurant and try to jump into the fray – boodle fight style!

Boodle Fight Manila



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