How a Simple Boodle Fight Can Build Good Relationships

Written by: Tiffany Tolones
Photos by: Roselleni Calina and Eia Collantes

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Many companies arrange various activities to help employees build a better relationship. Company outings are quite common, one that includes activities known to develop better relationship between people, such as rope and obstacle courses, and trust falls.

With the competitive nature of companies in the market these days, having a high-performing, united team is direly of value. Yet, extraneous activities to achieve this kind of work productivity are not the only option. Perhaps the best, (and also the most cost efficient) activity managers can do is quite simpleto have the team eat together.

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Sharing some time in the office cafeteria is a good way to improve relationships among colleagues. Researchers at Cornell University found out that eating together is actually the best way to improve relationships in your team. Kevin Kniffin, who led the research, and his co-researchers argue that even if eating is the most mundane thing we do three (or more) times a day, it can be extraordinarily meaningful.

Eating with others surely makes it feel extraordinary. When you and your officemates work for eight hours a day, five days a week (sometimes more than that), you may think that working has only remained mechanical. To eat with your workmates, though, to enjoy your food over talks that may not necessarily be about work, keeps everything feel refreshed. Eating together makes you find out things about others and learn from them. The more you know about your workmates, the more you can work with them better.

A good way to further deepen your relationships is to share food with one another. Doing boodle fights is one way to go, and it may be more effective in team building than the usual lunch at the cafeteria.

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The way you eat in boodle fights is what makes it different. Usually, you eat with separate lunches together in the office cafeteria or in a nearby restaurant. But in boodle fights, you share the same food as everyone else, like you’re all equal in this boodle.

You also eat with your bare hands while you dig in the food. It can be messy, but in the Filipino culture, we enjoy eating food with our bare hands. The food becomes more enjoyable and tastier. The mood turns light and comfortable as if you’re at a fiesta in a barrio enjoying a feast with your neighbors.

You may think that boodle fights in the office is sort of impossible, though, since you’ll need to cook for dishes and bring them to the office. You do not have to worry about that anymore! Boodle fights are now delivered right at your office.

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Boodle Fight Manila is a restaurant startup that delivers the boodle right at your doorstep. They even set the table for you so all you have to do is enjoy!

Boodle Fight Manila offers different meals. They can either serve you their meal set up or you might perhaps want to customize the menu yourself. They provide this service everywhere in Metro Manila and probably to nearby provinces in the future.

Even the When In Manila team enjoyed their boodle fight together. Most of us only met for the first time, but after we ate together, it’s like we knew each other for years. Having a good time at a boodle fight deepens the bond of colleagues. Enjoying good food laid on one table and eating with bare hands not only makes the experience meaningful but also quite humbling.

What is your best boodle fight experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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