5 Activities to Do at Your Next Team Building Session

Written by Ching Balina

Companies are always looking for various ways to improve the relationship and productivity among their employees. A popular option is facilitating team building activities at company events. It breaks the ice, invites the participants to open up, and energizes everyone for the rest of the day.

So how can companies spice things up for their employees? After all, happy employees equate to good company productivity. So here, we compile some activities that are a must-try at your next team building session:

5. Conga Line

What’s a better way to break the ice than a dance party? Put some music on and watch everyone move to the contagious rhythm of drums. For some variety, you can even put on “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs and break out a company Running Man challenge. The conga line is a perfect opening activity because it’s quick and easy but still gets everyone in the groove.

4. Evolution

This game is a variation of rock, paper, scissors, where you “evolve” from an egg to a chicken to a dinosaur every time you win a match. You can choose to have a grand winner once a single person has become a dinosaur or you can continue the game until everyone has become a dinosaur. It’s also fairly easy and a good way for participants to introduce themselves to one another.

3. Egg Drop Game

Divide the group into teams and have everyone test their wits as they build a container that can hold an egg through a vertical drop. The materials are all found in offices and homes: popsicle sticks, construction paper, pencils, etc. It will be tricky to make something durable enough to survive a freefall, but the key is communication and hard worktraits that are important for any team.

2. Amazing Race

Facilitators can prepare a series of obstacles that will test the mental and physical strength of each team. Inspired by the long-running TV show, the goal of each team is to get to the “finish line” by coming up with efficient and effective solutions to each challenge. It might be tiring, but participants will learn that to succeed, teamwork is the way to go. We suggest you look for somewhere spacious for this activity to be maximized.

1. Boodle Fight Manila

A boodle fight is a perfect way to bond even after a long day. Boodle Fight Manila can provide your event with some good, old-fashioned Filipino feast served on banana leaves. They’ll go to your location, and prepare everything for you. And don’t forget to forego seats! Stay on your feet and eat with your hands. This is the best way to enjoy a classic Filipino boodle fight, while feasting on rice, grilled liempo, salted eggs. Grab a palitaw, too, as you continue the fun with newfound friends from the office.

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Team building sessions are always guaranteed learning experiences and listing down these activities has made me excited for the next one I will attend.

Which one of these activities do you want to try? Tell us in the comments below!

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