10 Venue Suggestions For Team Buildings or Strategic Planning Sessions

What’s gonna work? TEAMWORK!


Ants have special characteristics that became the universal symbol of oneness and teamwork.

Teamwork is a fundamental element in every organization. It is the core reason why companies either flourish exponentially or falter drastically.

Why is Team Building and Strategic Planning Important?

Honestly, there are heaps of reasons and they vary according to the industry. Nevertheless, as pointed by Forbes.com, here are the reasons why a company must invest in these activities:

  • It builds trust.
  • It mitigates conflict.
  • It encourages communication.
  • It increases collaboration.

Essentially, effective teambuilding must unleash employees’ skills, boost confidence, and self-esteem.

employees stay

Surprisingly enough, employees quit because of an unhealthy work environment. Notwithstanding, the mundane tasks.

Usually, companies hold team buildings and strategic planning either first quarter of the year or at the end of the year to preserve its sustainability and stability. Either way, companies invest in these activities to prolong  healthier business relationships.

With all these reasons, we suggest these 10 exciting places (in no particular order) for your next team building or strategic planning sesh!

 Beaches and Resorts

1. Club Punta Fuego

Three hours away from Manila, Nasugbu, Batangas, where a great luxurious 88-hectare community with stunning landscapes lies- the luxurious Club Punta Fuego.


The place is a premiere membership resort club, which combines the homey feel of actually living in a village while offering a majestic view of the sea and an array of luxurious resort-like services.


It’s often mistaken to be exclusive for homeowners, but they actually offer deluxe accommodations for non-residents where they will treat you like royalty.

If you need a place relatively near Manila which weaves you towards meaningful team building and rejuvenating relaxation, Punta Fuego is suitable for you.

2. Casa Astillero, Calatagan Beach Resort

Beach-inspired team building venues are always blissful. This hidden gem of a resort has a session hall, where most of the team building activities are held.


A semi- private spot perfect for camping, team building, and endless chatting with sunset and glistening water waves as your backdrop.


Beach Camping can be a wonderful team building idea.


Casa Astillero can accommodate 50-60 people. For more details, visit their Facebook page here.

3. The Lily in Batangas

The Lily: your home away from home

The Lily in Batangas is not your ordinary private resort. According to one of our writers who experienced staying here, it is a quiet place, far from the busy businesses and other resorts. Therefore, it is a perfect venue for your team building.

The Lily: your home away from home

Equipped with everything you need for cooking!

The Lily: your home away from home

It has 4 rooms; a bunker room which can accommodate up to 8 people, 2 ground floor rooms each good for two, and a terrace room which can also accommodate two people. Guests can also rent the whole house and can fit up to 25 guests.

The Lily: your home away from home

And since it’s quaint yet refreshing, the place is perfect for your intimate team building and strategic planning sessions! Read more about this wonderful place here.

4. Aliya Surf Camp and Resort in Baler Aurora 

Baler isn’t only known for surfing. It also offers fantastic views and venues for team buildings! For instance, this sensational place called Aliya Surf Camp and Resort in Baler, Aurora.


Source: hoppler.net/johnmadrigal.net

If you want a unique team building session, try this surfing and relaxing place. Find out more on their Facebook page here.

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