‘Black Widow’ Cast Spills The First Details About The Film’s Plot and Characters

News about the Black Widow movie has been kept so quiet that Marvel Studios refused to even confirm its existence for quite some time. It was actually leaked set photos that confirmed the production before any announcement from Marvel came out. But at their panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, the cast for Black Widow surprisingly spilled a good number of details regarding the movie.

After debuting a few clips featuring some intense fight sequences the cast took to the stage to tell what they could. Aside from knowing that the movie takes place after Captain America: Civil War, we now have a good amount of information on the direction of the film and its characters.

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Scarlett Johansson teased the information that the movie would be chock-full of revelations:

I think you’ll learn about what Natasha is afraid of, and I think you’ll learn about what parts of herself she’s afraid of. You really see her in, like, a pretty broken-down place, and she kinda has to build herself back up and pull all the pieces together in this film. It gets kind of gnarly, but good gnarly.

Meanwhile, Rachel Weisz had this to say on playing her spy role:

There’s three really beautifully written complicated female narratives, which is very unusual in a superhero movie — although I guess Black Widow doesn’t have superpowers: she’s human, isn’t she? I can’t really tell you very much — it’s all very secret — but Melina, my character, she’s been cycled through the Red Room, the Black Widow training project, the same place that (Natasha) was, trained five times since I was a child. And I’m also very involved in some scientific research — that’s all I can say.

Florence Pugh, who plays the last of the female trio Yelena, shared her take:

It’s about these amazing, broken, powerful women.They are equal, they are compatible, (they’re) all hurting. I’ve never played anything like this before. Someone that is powerful and strong, but is dealing with things. And it’s exciting to be welcomed into this world and this family alongside Scarlett in a story that I know so many people who have been wanting to here for so long.

Lastly, David Harbour was straightforward on his role as Alexi Shostakov, a.k.a The Red Guardian:

He’s very Russian in a way that Hopper’s very American. He’s a super-soldier, he is Russian, and he’s a counterpart to Captain America.

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Aside from those tidbits, Marvel was, as always, quite secretive as to what more can be expected. Black Widow is the first movie slated for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4. It is set to premiere on May 1, 2020.

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