Basil Valdez Recounts the Time He Swallowed an Insect While Singing on Stage

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Well, this is not the story we were expecting to read today.

Legendary singer Basil Valdez revealed that he once swallowed an insect while performing on stage with fellow legend Ryan Cayabyab. A lesser singer would have panicked but for a performer of his stature, he believed in one thing: the show must go on.

During the press conference of their upcoming concert this week, the two recounted the hilarious time, which by the way, happened almost 50 years ago.

According to Basil, “When it entered my mouth, nilunok ko na lang kasi I need to continue singing. Kapag ang lines kailangan, tuloy lang. Pagkalunok ko saka ako tumingin kay Ryan. ‘Di ko masabi na gamu-gamo nalunok ko.”

[“When it entered my mouth, I swallowed it because I need to continue singing. If you need your lines, you just go on. When I swallowed it, I looked at Ryan. I couldn’t say I swallowed a moth.”]

Ryan actually saw it and thought it was a mosquito. He said, “Akala ko lamok. Grabe, halos 50 years na nangyari now ko lang nalaman na gamu-gamo pala.

[“I thought it was a mosquito. Wow, it’s been almost 50 years but I only found out now it’s a moth.”]

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