Band Feels MNL: The Go-To Shop When The Music Is Just Not Enough

Music is everyone’s life, no matter how much you try to deny it. There will always be THAT song or THAT artist that will make you stop and stare into oblivion, getting lost in the words and the melody. Is it too early to mention My Chemical Romance? *sorry*

Is everyone okay? No one sobbing over Welcome to the Black Parade or Helena? Okay. Good. I’ll get on with it then.


Personally, I’m one of those people who obsesses over songs. I listen to something on repeat if I love it; I sing to the point where everyone around me contagiously gets LSS; I scribble lyrics over everything I own–you get the idea. This is why I fell in love with Band Feels MNL.


Starting with the vision to foster a community that has the same passion for music, Band Feels MNL is an online shop that sells unique prints and things that can trigger every jittery feeling you get when you listen to your favourite song.


Their merch roster includes waterproof stickers that can be stuck on your phone, laptop, notebooks –you name it! They come in different styles, typographies, colors and vibes that match the lyrics emphasized on the sticker. I personally love the ones from Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood Album and One Direction’s Drag Me Down. Any set of 5 for Php100.


They also have A4-sized framed prints that is perfect for your wall or desk. The minimalism really draws you to the words of the song that makes listening to it a whole new experience. So much feels triggered in this Halsey-inspired print for only Php450.


But wait -that’s not all! Aside from having guitar picks and necklaces for only Php100 and Php150, they crazy and best thing about Band Feels MNL would be their themed Cards Against Humanity decks. If you don’t know what this game is, Google it! Play with caution, though, because this pack is filled with feelings. So far, they have a One Direction and The 1975 deck, which are definitely fun to play! They only cost Php450 and include a 30-question deck, 40 answer cards and 2 wild cards.


According to Band Feels MNL, “With today’s modern day and age, we tend to lose the human connection that comes with our love for music.” As such, they are planning to launch a series of events, including a playlist meetup where participants get the chance to curate their own “mixtape” and swap them with another “stranger. Get updates about that and check them out over at:

Band Feels MNL

Twitter/Instagram: @BandFeelsMNL

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