Wanna “stand-out” on Road to Ultra: Philippines? Check this out!


Ladies! Wanna “stand-out” on Road to Ultra: Philippines?

With Road to Ultra: Philippines less than one month away, you may be struggling with trying to figure out what to wear for this festival. But of course, Safety First! We don’t want you to be drained out while partying in one of the most popular EDM Festivals.

Here are some recommendations we have for women; TRENDY but COMFY!

Ultra Essentials

  • All-Over Print Tank Tops

                        Ravers aren’t afraid to be bold, unique and show what they really feel when they go to a festival. Why don’t you let your printed tanks speak for you?


  • Crop Tops / Fringe Tops

                        Feeling hot with the sunny climate of the Philippines? These crop tops and fringe ones would definitely fit and help you stand out from the crowd!


  • Snapbacks / Headbands

                        Take your pick from the coolest summer headwear! Go for an on trend festival headbands or snapback to pump up your style.


  • Scarf or Bandana

                        Not only can this be fashionable, it can also be helpful when you need to wipe up from partying 12hrs straight or a cover mask.                       4

  • Comfortable Shoes

                        Please AVOID wearing heels. I know that Jimmy Choo-s you bought are amazing, but you’ll wear yourself out before the fun even begins.


  • Eyewear

                        Rave Glasses will be in the festival scene forever. Bizarre patterns and designs will be sure to land you a few compliments!


  • Leggings

                        One of my favorite suggestions would be these rave leggings. Specially for those who still feel unshowy, these leggings will stay put while flattering your body in the best way possible.


  • Rave Shorts

                        The known fact is we all love to shake our booty Right? Being a girl, you better be assured that there would be hundreds of people in a rave and you don’t want it to be a free-peek for everyone!


  • Fanny Pack / Waterproof Bags

                        Hardcore shuffler? No problem. Go ham in the shuffle circle because that fanny pack or handy waterproof bags can help prevent from losing your stuff in that numerous crowd!


  • Accessorize

                        Clothing is important, of course, however rave accessories take you over the top. Express yourselves through Flashing/glow-in-the-dark gadgets, Rave Kandies, Specialty Hats, Tutus, Fluffies, and much more!


Even though there’s no dresscode, We want you to rave worry-free while looking damn good doing it!

by Kim Lam