Apparently, Durian Whiskey Is A Thing Now And People Think It Tastes Like An ‘Alcoholic Milkshake’

With all the quirky food creations we’ve seen recently — from boba beer to yosi flavored ice cream — the invention of durian whiskey really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Especially given the warmer reception to durian we’ve recently been seeing online. With the internet embracing things like rice, milo powder, and durian together in a dish, perhaps durian whiskey is really just the logical progression of this trend.

Durian Whisky, a company in Singapore, certainly seems to think so. Their product brings durian and whiskey together and it is sad to be “brewed from 100% pure, delicious flesh of the Musang King durian.” There is some discussion online on whether it ought to be considered “real” whiskey since it fails to meet the prescribed alcohol content and doesn’t actually result from a pressing or fermentation process.

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But more intriguing is how people feel about the alcoholic drink. A review from Rice Media describes it as nearly a milkshake:

Durian Whisky is basically Durian-flavored Bailey’s. It is thick, creamy and incurably sweet, like an alcoholic milkshake […]

In fact, it’s quite a delicious beverage once you wrap your head around the ludicrous concept. Everyone in our office agreed. If you like Durian, you’ll probably enjoy its aroma. If you like matcha lattes and Frappuccinos, you’ll enjoy its texture and sweetness.

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Don’t worry, they also share that the most controversial element of the durian (its smell) is nearly eliminated from the whiskey completely. Overall, the verdict is that the drink is closer to a sweet liqueur than a whiskey at all.

Would you try this durian whiskey? 


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