This Dog Might Just Be The Most Adorable Durian Farmer In The World

Jubjib is a golden retriever who has been helping her family out at their durian farm since she was a puppy in 2014. Their farm is located in the Nonthaburi province of Thailand. Her Facebook page describes her duties as overseeing the quality of the harvest and keeping her humans’ company. 

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She goes along with them as they pick the ripe durians from the tree and patiently waits for their work to be done. Her favorite part is taking a photo with the bounty afterward: 

Even on off-seasons, her humans share that she likes to watch over the durian trees and make sure they would be okay when it rains. Jubjib is said to take her ‘job’ very seriously, unlike her younger sibling who is a bit ‘lazy’. 

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Jubjib actually previously went viral for her expansive collection and love of floppy hats. She apparently has a total of 8 hats. They are a staple in her farming activities. 

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Photos courtesy of Jubjib’s Facebook


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