LOOK: Dog is left outside and tied to a car on one of Manila’s hottest days

Temperatures are soaring all over the country, with PAGASA even declaring various areas having reached ‘danger levels’ in terms of heat. People and animal alike have been falling victim to heat stroke. The summer heat is no joke and people really should be taking serious precautions for themselves and their pets.

(PAGASA warns that Metro Manila may reach intense levels of heat this April)

Which is probably why so many netizens were enraged when photos of a dog tied up to what is presumably its owner’s car started circulating on Facebook. A Facebook user, Mico Gonzales, happened to come across what looks to be a beagle waiting out in the sun at a parking lot in Paco, Manila. He wrote in his caption:

Mag aalaga nalang kayo ng aso di niyo pa ayusin. Sobrang init dito sa Robinsons Otis tapos pag labas namen eto nakita namen. Nag try kami na tanggalin yung tali nya pero mangangagat siya and galit na galit.

[If you’re going to keep a dog as a pet, you have to be responsible. It’s so hot here at Robinsons Otis the when we left we saw this dog. We tried to remove him from his leash but he would try to bite us because he was so mad.]
dog tied to car
Gonzales also shared that the photo was taken around 12:30 pm, which is one of the hottest points of the day. He added: “My girlfriend and I, we couldn’t take how hot it was. It was worse for this dog. I’m sure his paws ended up with blisters [from the heat of the pavement].”

Although it is not known how long the dog had to stay there, or what the circumstances of its owner are, Gonzales advises that people just leave their pets at home instead of forcing them out in the heat. We have to be mindful and realize that if we find the heat unbearable, then the same (or worse) goes for our furry friends.

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Do you think this is an acceptable way to treat your pets?