People Are Freaking Out Over This Dish Of Durian, Milo Powder, and Rice

Enjoying rice, Milo powder, and durian is not a new concept…but it’s usually enjoyed separately. Maybe as a child, you would have Milo powder mixed with your rice or durian slices with sticky rice (a la mango sticky rice). Mixing the three altogether though changes things entirely.

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A recent Facebook post from Universiti meme malaysia started wreaking havoc on the Southeast Asian side of social media. Its photo featuring a bowl of white rice topped with the stinky fruit and sweet cocoa powder incited a lot of extreme emotions from people.


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While many Facebook users were confused and even horrified at the prospect, an equal amount staunchly defended the dish and even recommended trying it with a glass of soda. Some talked about it being a childhood staple and how people shouldn’t judge before trying something out. Others were simply offended at the addition of durian.

What about you: would you try this dish?