Unique Ice Cream Flavors: Kape and Yosi, Keso and Kamote, Champorado and Tuyo, and More!

Although this yosi ice cream doesn’t contain any nicotine, you might still get addicted to it… because of its irresistible taste!

Labeled as “Kape + Yosi”, this unique ice cream flavor is made with decaf coffee, which is then smoked with cherrywood chips. This special method of churning enables it to taste and smell almost exactly like cigarettes. A friend of mine who smokes even went as far as describing it as an equivalent to Marlboro Red!

That’s just one of the many exciting flavors that Leche Ice Cream has to offer. This dessert store in San Juan, La Union specializes in uncommon selections that highlight Filipino favorites. The owner, Rafael Gilbuena, chose this as his inspiration for the shop’s menu in order to showcase the flexibility and complexity that our local ingredients can exude.

Like the word ‘Leche’, some flavors might seem revolting. However, literally translated, ‘leche’ actually just means ‘milk’ in Spanish. The place therefore also embodies a type of sweetness and innocence that you can enjoy with every scoop.

Here are the other flavors available:

Flat Tops

Remember this product? Flat Tops is Philippine-made milk chocolate wrapped in a gold foil. At Leche Ice Cream, there’s no gold foil covering this dessert, and it is absolutely scrumptious!


Chocnut is an OG treat that is relevant up until now in my opinion. It has the right balance of chocolate and peanut that makes it so satisfying. And guess what? That’s exactly what you’ll get with Not-Chocnut. To give it more vibrancy, it has dried pineapple as garnish on top.

Keso + Kamote

I am not a fan of cheese in ice cream, but Keso + Kamote honestly made me a believer. The strong flavor of the cheese and kamote in this dessert perfectly complements the sweet taste of honey. This is actually my favorite among all of their flavors!

Champorado + Tuyo (only available on weekends)

You can’t go wrong with this flavor. If you love chocolate, this flavor has the richest cocoa taste among all of th items in the menu. You’ll also get bits of sticky rice and a crunch of the dried fish every now and then to give it more texture.

Coconut Threeway (only available on weekends) and Bilo-Bilo (vegan)

The Coconut Threeway is like an island paradise in a cup. This ice cream bursts with coconut flavor as it contains gata, tupig, and dessicated coconut. This is perfect to beat the heat.

Since the owner wants to showcase the flexibility of Filipino cuisine, they have also come up with a vegan-friendly ice cream, so everyone has choices available to their diets. The Bilo-Bilo Ice Cream contains ube, coconut, kamote, banana, and rice balls. It’s almost like ginataan ice cream!

Cocomangsi (vegan)

Even if I’m not a vegan, the Cocomangsi is one of my top picks. This coconut ice cream (gata-based, not milk-based) has dried mangoes and rice crispies on top.

To give it a twist, calamansi is squeezed on top to give it a hint of acidity.

Salted Caramel and Popcorn (coming soon)

You can order up to three whopping scoops served in your choice of cone, cup, or bread.

Takeout tubs are also available if you can’t get enough!

Make your trip to the province with your barkada worthwhile with Leche Ice Cream! Their flavors will make you crave for it and long for a return to the beautiful town of San Juan, La Union.

Which flavor would you try first?

Leche Ice Cream

San Juan, La Union / Harana Surf Resort in Siargao (flavors may vary)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LecheIceCreamPH

Instagram: @LecheIceCream

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