La Union Food Crawl Guide 2019

Aside from being one of the best surf spots in the Philippines, La Union offers more than just a thrilling beach experience. This ever-sunny west coast province also offers a selection of restaurants that will make you want to go back again and again.

If you plan on going there soon or are simply looking for new places to satisfy your palate, here is a food crawl guide that we believe you’d enjoy as much as we did. (This list is arranged from farthest to closest to Manila.)

La Union Food Crawl Guide 2019

River Farm Seafood Restaurant

Km 282 Baroro, Bacnotan, La Union

8:30AM to 9PM

Price Range: Php300 – Php400

Must-Try: Golden Tilapia

La Union Food Crawl 12

There’s nothing like eating fresh seafood by the river. As the name suggests, River Farm Seafood Restaurant is a restaurant that serves freshly-caught seafood. With a view and ambiance like this, it’s definitely a good starter for that La Union experience.

Barefoot La Union

Monaliza Surf Resort, San Juan, La Union

8AM to 2PM

Price Range: Php150 – Php180

Must-Try: Shakshouka (Php160)

La Union Food Crawl 6

Do you enjoy breakfast food? Barefoot La Union offers a wide variety of breakfast favorites that harmoniously match their specialty homemade bread. Everything on their menu is absolutely delicious and surprisingly affordable for the serving size and quality.

Makai Bowls

The Great Northwest Philippine Travel Stop & Viewing Deck, San Juan, La Union

8AM to 6PM

Price Range: Php200-Php300

Must-Try: Surfer’s Bowl (Php240)

La Union Food Crawl 13

This smoothie bowl is the embodiment of a tropical paradise. It has all of your favorite fruits blended together and garnished with chia seeds, oats, and more fruits! It’s a cool and nutritious way to refresh by the beach.

Artek Wine Yacht

The Great Northwest Philippine Travel Stop & Viewing Deck, San Juan, La Union

11AM to 11PM

Price Range: Php350-Php450

Must-Try: Sangria (Php350) and Meat-Lover Pizza (Php450)

La Union Food Crawl 2

Watching the golden sunset of La Union turn into a pinkish-orange skyline is always a sight to see. It’s made even better with a glass of sangria in hand! Order a pitcher of sangria here and pair it with their homemade pizza to complete that magical moment with your barkada.

La Union Food Crawl 3

Pro-Tip: They have a promo for their Sangria! Get two pitchers for only Php500!

Sabong Fried Chicken

The Great Northwest Philippine Travel Stop & Viewing Deck, San Juan, La Union

10AM to 2PM and 5PM to 10PM

Price Range: Php200-Php300

Must-Try: Chick ’n Morty (Php220)

La Union Food Crawl 1

If you’re looking for a restaurant with good chicken, every person in La Union would recommend Sabong Fried Chicken. Their menu is pretty simple: a choice among four flavors – Elyu Original, Korean Soy Garlic, Chick ‘n Morty, and Honey Bagoong. It’s simple, but ienough to win you over. 

Coco Mama

The Great Northwest Philippine Travel Stop & Viewing Deck, San Juan, La Union

10AM to 10PM

Price Range: Php95-Php125

Must-Try: Coconut Ice Cream with Mango (Php125)

La Union Food Crawl 11

Go loco with Coco Mama! This vegan ice cream is undeniably creamy and oh-so-good. Each bite of this coconut dessert topped with mangoes and pinipig will eliminate the heat on a sunny day. 

La Union Food Crawl 14


Manila North Road, 2514 San Juan, La Union

9AM to 10PM

Price Range: Php100-Php195

Must-Try: Satay (Php170) and Thai Iced Tea (Php95)

La Union Food Crawl 5

Milk tea, anyone? If you’re obsessed with this heavenly drink, Seawadeeka’s Thai Milk Tea is a must-try. It’s milky flavor is infused with herbal tea, making it an irresistible comfort drink.

La Union Food Crawl 4

The Restaurant also offers classic Thai food, such as Satay, Laksa, Pad Thai, and Banh Mi.


Urbiztondo Road, San Juan, La Union

8AM to 12MN

Price Range: Php50-Php150

Must-Try: Bagnet Rice Bowl (Php120)


Despite being a small eatery, Tagpuan brings a large crowd over daily with their famous Filipino food. They are well-known for their bagnet and tapa. If you’re looking for something that’s truly local, this is the place for you.

Halo-Halo de Iloko

Zandueta Street, San Fernando, La Union

9AM to 9PM

Must-Try: Emparedados (Php125) and Buko Halo-Halo (Php195)

Price Range: Php200-Php500

La Union Food Crawl 8

This one is a bit far from the usual San Juan area, but it’s worth visiting before heading back to Manila. Halo-Halo de Iloko is as authentic as can be. They make use of local products and serve local classics to those looking for comfort Filipino food.

La Union Food Crawl 10

This place is perfect for lunch with your family and friends as each serving is enough for everyone, such as the Pancit en Grande Pamilya and Emparedados. To cap it off, try their Buko Halo-Halo. It’s their version of Halo-Halo (sourced with the best ingredients) in a coconut bowl. This is good for two to three people!

Forget about having a beach-ready body. With food this good, your stomach is the one that should be getting ready!