LOOK: This Private Resort Will Let You Enjoy The Waves of La Union Without The Crowds!

So it may be raining here and there, but that can’t stop us from enjoying the beach as if it was still summer, especially since there are a lot of long weekends still up for a quick getaway.

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San Juan, La Union has become quite a go-to beach destination thanks to its (relatively) shorter distance from Manila and its waves that people love surfing on. But let’s be honest, it’s becoming crazy crowded up North. And I would know because of the 20 years I’ve lived there, I have not seen that much people (and that much traffic) in my province until recently.

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Crowds shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the beautiful beaches of San Juan! Casa La Playa will allow you to do just that.

DSC 1523Poolside Casa // PHP 6,000 good for 6-8 pax

Casa La Playa is a private beachfront resort located just a few hundred meters from where all the beach parties and events happen. It was actually a former rest house turned into a small resort.

DSC 1477Lounge Area at the Roadside Casa (PHP 6,000 per night for 6-8 pax)

It’s got three casas available for rent individually, with each casa consisting of two to three spacious bedrooms.

DSC 1488One of the bedrooms in the Poolside Casa

DSC 1481Poolside Casa’s spacious dining room

There is also a fully equipped kitchen in each casa, which will be very helpful since the resort does not serve food. Turn cooking time into bonding time!

DSC 1253Seaside Hut // PHP 1800 for 2-3 pax

If you don’t want to rent out a whole casa and just want to spend time with your significant other, they’ve also got seaside huts good for 2-3 people for only PHP 1800 per night.

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Aside from the tranquil beach that’s literally just a few steps from your weekend home, the resort also has a small pool you can enjoy. Plus, you can enjoy the colorful and blooming garden to complete the whole beach house experience.

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Or if you’re a real beach bum and just can’t get away from the beach, you can enjoy the salty water, hang out in the sandy shore, or lounge around in the hammocks under the trees when it gets too hot.

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You won’t have to miss out on surfing lessons in this private resort because Casa La Playa offers private teachers for your surfing needs!

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Casa La Playa is really the best of both worlds–enjoy the waves of San Juan, La Union while being away from the crowds! If you’re up for a more peaceful adventure to ElYu, make Casa La Playa your home for the trip!

Casa La Playa

Seagull St., Montemar Village, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union
Facebook: Casa La Playa