Angono’s GIGANTIC Fiesta: 2014 Higantes Festival

Angono’s GIGANTIC Fiesta: 2014 Higantes Festival


It’s November again and we all know what that means. Well, aside from being a month away from Christmas, November is also the month of the Higantes Festival!

Angono's GIGANTIC Fiesta_2014 Higantes Festival

 Brightly lit Higantes

Photo courtesy of Angono Tourism Office


In the Art Capital of the Philippines, Angono, Rizal, a month-long celebration headlined by a parade of giant papier-maches takes part every November. The higantes of the Higantes Festival are derived from the historical account of Angono natives using effigies to protest against their Spanish oppressors. Aside from the mainstay higantes, women – from lovely lolas to cute little girls – stomp their way to town in wooden clogs known as bakyas. These ladies are known as parehadoras, and wielding wooden paddles, they signify the history of Angono as a fishing village.

Of course, a fiesta parade will be lacking if there wasn’t any music. Drum and lyre ensembles provide joyous background music to the Higantes Festival, with majorettes and flag bearers strutting to the tunes. 

The Higantes Grand Parade took place last weekend on Sunday, November 16. Other highlights can be witnessed on November 22 and November 23, though, where there are tons of other activities in store for both the locals and the tourists. See below for the 2014 Higantes Festival Calendar of Activities prepared by Angono’s Tourism Office:


Higantes Festival 2014 Calendar of Activity


Make sure to bring a change of clothes if you plan to join the grand parades because getting doused in cold water and getting smeared with mud are inevitable. These are, of course, done in the spirit of good fun!

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See you there!



Angono’s GIGANTIC Fiesta: 2014 Higantes Festival