Agatha Uvero Claims to Have Experienced Abuse From Former Partner, PBA Player Paul Desiderio

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Model Agatha Uvero took to Twitter with allegations against her former partner, PBA Blackwater Bossing’s Paul Desiderio.

Uvero posted a lengthy statement about Desiderio’s alleged domestic abuse of her throughout their relationship.

“I really didn’t wanna do this but the threats have been difficult and I owe this to myself and to women out there”, she tweeted along with her statement which includes details about the abuse. 

According to Uvero, she was maltreated multiple times, and some happened while she was still pregnant with their son. 

The former UP courtside reporter also shared that she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder because of what happened, and said that she shared her story on behalf of women who are experiencing it too. 

On a separate tweet, Uvero uploaded a screenshot of a conversation about her asking Desiderio to get a professional check-up, which he rejected.

Last June, Uvero announced her split with the former UP Maroon after a long-term relationship that began during their UAAP stints. They have a 1-year-old son, Juan Andres. also contacted Paul Desiderio for his side but he’s yet to respond to the team’s inquiry.

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