According to Science: This is What Your Favorite Ice Cream Says About Your Personality

Let’s admit it, ice cream makes us feel better.

Room for Dessert Cebu

We always leave room for dessert, don’t we?

Every time I feel down, I’d get my favorite ice cream and binge eat (and watch TV) the whole day. Surprisingly, the results were amazing.

Studies have revealed that craving for ice cream – or anything sweet – could help alter mood swings. In addition, according to, the reason behind the craving is often associated with long-term patterns such as our childhood sweet memories – like when mom gives us cookies or rewarded for doing well with an ice cream fix.

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Anyhow, I came across an article in Reader’s Digest about how our true personality traits were revealed through our favorite ice cream. It was a collection of studies collated by neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, for Baskin Robbins. In relation to Dr. Hirsh, he obviously didn’t gather the results overnight, he used diverse standardized psychiatric tests and surveyed participants to come up with the revelation.

Genuinely, I got inspired to share with you the different personality traits. It’s absolutely interesting and sheds truth of some sort. I chose six flavors that I know you will also appreciate.

So, are you ready to know what your favorite ice cream says about you? Let’s read it together, shall we?

1. Chocolate Ice Cream

chocolate ice cream personality

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Dr. Hirsh determined that people who love chocolate ice cream are flirtatious, sensual, gullible, charming, and dramatic. This goes to show that the study about chocolate being an aphrodisiac could be true. In fact, as written by, scientists claim that there are two components why chocolate is described as an aphrodisiac. One, a brain chemical called tryptophan is responsible for sexual arousal. While the second component is called phenylethylamine, a stimulant related to amphetamine and is released in the brain when people fall in love. Hence, the gesture of giving chocolates and flowers. Now, that’s interesting!

2. Vanilla Ice Cream

vanilla ice cream

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Don’t be fooled by this simple, one base ice cream flavor. Because, according to Dr. Hirsh, vanilla ice cream lovers are impulsive. Moreover, fans of this ice cream are characterized as colorful, idealistic risk-taker, and intuitive. Interestingly, the research also showed that vanilla lovers were also emotional and successful in relationships.

3. Strawberry Ice Cream

strawberry ice cream

Just when we thought strawberries could be jolly and outgoing due to its unique tingling taste, Dr. Hirsh once again determined that its fans are likely introverts. However, there was another research done by Dreyer’s/Edy’s (a subsidiary of Nestlé and ice cream/frozen yogurt producer in the US) and concluded that berry fans could be logical and thoughtful. (Source)

4. Rocky Road

Rocky road

Rocky Road is my all-time favorite ice cream. All the above-mentioned studies about cravings are true – my parents would reward me for doing well with a pint or half a gallon of Rocky road ice cream. Surprisingly, the personalities revealed for rocky road lovers were correct: its lovers were cited as aggressive, engaging, yet a good listener and goal oriented, as per Dreyer’s/Edy’s analysis.

5.  Chocolate Chip cookie Ice Cream

chocolate chip cooke

If you find yourself generous, competent, go-getter, then you must love chocolate chip cookie ice cream. Perhaps, it’s a combination of vanilla, chocolate chips, and wonderful flavors of cookies!

6. Coffee Ice Cream

coffee ice cream

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I’m saving the best for last. The flavor most parents would love to munch on every day! According to Dr. Hirsh, its fans are dramatic and have a live-in-the-moment attitude in life. Similar to millennials, coffee lovers are adventurous and passionate. After my coffee appreciation class last Sunday, I’d genuinely think, coffee is my next favorite ice cream flavor.

I know it’s already rainy season but the craving for ice cream is perfect for all seasons, don’t you think?

Ultimately, you can now determine the personalities of the person you are dating based on his/her favorite ice cream.

Admittedly, if we were to mimic the factions in the Divergent movie, I’d be factionless because I can’t stick to a specific flavor! LOL. My favorite is rocky road but I also appreciate coffee and chocolate chip cookie!!

How about you: if we got segregated into ice cream flavors, where would you belong? Better yet, what’s your favorite ice cream?