LOOK: Soft Serve Ice Cream at Room for Dessert in Cebu is Perfect for All Seasons!

I don’t know about you, but I love desserts. I love ANY kind of dessert – as long as there’s ice cream, I’m winning!

Room for Dessert Cebu

Photo credit: Room For Dessert Facebook Page

Surprisingly enough, I stumbled upon this short video clip online about an establishment in Cebu called “Room for Dessert” by Casa Verde. They are located at the Sky Park Level 3 of SM Cebu.

Room for Dessert Cebu

Ting’s Heavenly Chocolate Soft Serve Special

This delightful dessert house is one of the restaurants owned by Casa Verde, a growing family-owned restaurant chain.

Room for Dessert Cebu

RFD is focusing on different delectable items like soft serve, cheesecakes, ice-blended drinks, and more.

As the name implies, they serve delightful desserts that will make you forget about your insulin level – they all look appetizing! Furthermore, Room for Dessert uses cotton candy pillow that made it more magical!

Okay, let me cut to the chase and I will let you watch this video that will make you bounce to Cebu NOW! Enjoy!

Can someone take me here soon? 

I would love to try this!!

So, have you already tried their ice cream? If yes, tell us more about it! Leave your thoughts below!