Weekend Feasting at the Acacia Hotel Manila!

Welcome to the 2nd part of our Acacia Hotel Manila feature and this time, let’s talk about the food which we ate during our stay!



it has been a part of our routine to take photos of our food before eating



As you all know, Frank and I never stop wandering each weekend in search of worthy places to visit. Perhaps the reason why we always find ourselves in great places is because  this is really what we desire. There is no doubt that we are very passionate with what we do, no wonder we just have been recognized for it. Just a few days after our Acacia Hotel Manila visit, I won the title as Sooo Pinoy’s Ultimate Pinoy Food Blogger. I’m sharing this achievement with Frank of course because if not for him, I wouldn’t have done all of these. We have been so blessed with new friends, experiences, memories and of course, food… and a lot of it!


I’d like to sincerely thank Acacia Hotel Manila for helping me prepare for the finals by helping me relax and filling me with a lot of love! Aside from the heartfelt Pinoy hospitality that they gave us, they also made sure we were well fed! I don’t even know on how to describe each dish one by one now,  so I’d like to show you our shots to give you a better idea on what to expect when you stay there.


We requested the staff to have our breakfast at the Samanea. Frank ordered the English Breakfast and I had the Continental Breakfast.

they served us with a hearty feast!

Many thanks to Jayson for the fast and friendly service that day! We also had a nice time chatting with  him!




English Breakfast: Their English breakfast includes a bowl a cereal, milk, fresh fruit slices, yogurts, fresh fruit juice and coffee/tea





Continental Breakfast: We were very surprised with the extra servings! Woah!! As you can see, they served us a huge platter of assorted meats such as crispy bacon strips, corned beef hash, sausages and scrambled eggs plus wheat bread, croissants, fresh fruit juice and of course, tea for me! =)


 I love bread n butter! I wish there was jam though. Their wheat bread was good but I think they should improved their croissants because personally, I don’t find it as buttery and flaky enough.







LUNCH BUFFET at the Acaci!

After checking in, Frank and I decided to try out their lunch buffet at their coffee shop Acaci. As you can see, the place looks very chic with its high ceilings, cozy seats and lots of natural light. But the big question is that…. how about the food?



Frank and I have heard mixed reviews about the food so during that day, we’ve decided to judge it as it is and be very objective  to be able to give constructive criticism. I’m sure they will appreciate it a lot for we know they really aim to serve people with the best! We know that they are at their soft opening so we clearly understand that they are still trying out a lot of ideas to improve the menu selection. I wouldn’t really say that the food was bad. There were certain dishes which gave  good impressions while some of them may need some work. There are some dishes which I really liked! The salads were really good! The Eggplant with Feta Cheese and the Seafood Salad are the ones which I enjoyed the most. I also liked their cheeses a lot since I’m a big cheese fan! 



meet Angel!




 Their Cream of Asparagus Soup was very tasty and smooth




these would have been perfect if the baguettes were a little toasted




the Roasted Pork tasted well but I would have to suggest a much better gravy recipe to compliment it




California Maki





Frank’s plate




they got a nice selection of desserts. I liked the Creme Brulee a lot!




the very refreshing Pandan Juice



I think the big challenge there is on how to make the dishes stay fresh until the buffet ends. Temperature is really key as well as a careful selection of their main dishes.!





A Fine Dinner at the Lobby Lounge

I would have to say that this would be one of my favorite places because of the ala carte menu and ultra comfy seating! To tell you honestly, I only have good things to say about their ala carte menu especially their traditional Filipino menu. Their Kare Kare tasted very good!







We’d have to say that their Ala Carte menu was really good! We asked the staff to recommend their best sellers for us!



We tried their cocktail of the month and I really enjoyed it!!




meet the talented  Ms. Yam with her signature drink! The master cocktail maker of Acacia Hotel Manila!

She creates unique cocktails each month! Cool!




Salad: Sea Urchin Cappuccino soup

It doesn’t really have coffee in it but the soup base resembles a frothy cappuccino

I love it a lot!




Classic Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon: this definitely made a lasting good impression on me. I loved how the salmon complimented the salad! Basically a leveled-up Caesar Salad!




Asian Chicken Salad:




 Main Course: Chilean Honey Glazed Sea Bass

subtly sweet, fresh and tasty sea bass partnered with wasabi rice!

“Wa Sabi!” (can’t say anything) about it  ‘coz really good!




Braised Lamb Shank: MMMMMmmmmm MMMMmmm a really huge and very tender leg of lamb! Sooo  satisfying and goood!




 Dessert: Caramel Flan Cheese Cake and the 

              between the two, I pick  the Pot De Creme Au Chocolat because the oranges gave the chocolate a really nice balance




Sir Mark made us try their Oreo Cheesecake! I say it’s their signature cake!

Highly recommended! Best eaten when chilled!




Coffee and Cake goes perfectly together! You may wanna check out their Coffee and Cake all-you-can at the Lobby Lounge!



All in all, the whole experience was worth it! I would have to say that they’re doing great with the ala carte dishes being served at the Lobby Lounge. I’m sure that in time, they will be able to come -up with a great buffet! With world-class facilities/amenities and an all- Filipino staff  so great, I’m sure that the Acacia Hotel Manila will go heights!

So when in Manila, better book a stay at the Acacia Hotel Manila! Satisfaction guaranteed!!





Acacia Hotel Manila

5400 East Asia Drive corner Commerce Avenue, 
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, 
Muntinlupa City 1781

for inquiries pls call 720 2000 / 588 5888

or email: enquiry@acaciahotelsmaila.com

be sure to like them on FaceBook:  http://www.facebook.com/Acaciahotels





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Weekend Feasting at the Acacia Hotel Manila!

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