Acacia Hotel Manila:A Filipino Five-Star Luxury Hotel in the South of Manila!

Hoooooray for the weekend! Time once again to reward ourselves and get away from it all! As for the two of us… going out, taking photos, seeing places, trying new flavors and meeting new faces has already been a part of our system. We choose to live a good life! Yeah! And of course, sharing our adventures with you here on makes it even more meaningful!

For this particular weekend, we didn’t really feel like going out of town so we’ve decided to check out this newly opened 5-Star Luxury hotel located at the heart of Filinvest AlabangThe Acacia Hotel Manila!

The newly opened Acacia Hotel Manila started their soft opening only last October of 2011.  Ohhhh!! Roughly operating for only 5 months? We’re very surprised because the whole staff made us feel as though they have been there for years with the warm hospitality which they showed us!

The Acacia Hotel Manila is proudly  100% Filipino and their aim is to provide world-class hotel service complimented with world-famous Pinoy hospitality!  The General Manager, Executive Chef and the staff are all Pinoy! Wow!

The hotel is owned by Corporate Holdings Management, Inc. (CHMI) through its subsidiary CHMI Hotels and Residences, Inc. and is being managed by Acacia Grove Hotels.

Let us take you on a photo tour to show you around the Acacia Hotel Manila….

We were fascinated by the chic interiors! Oooooohhhh Thankful to be in the right place and time! =)





Meet the very warm people at the Front Desk! Sir Andrew was even courteous enough to lead us to our room.





We got a Junior Suite and requested for a room with a great view of course!




 They even provided us with some wine and fresh fruit slices! We really appreciated the gesture!



The Junior Suite: This very elegant looking room is around 43 square meters. It’s very spacious and packed with all that you need for maximum comfort!

We tried the WIFI but we’re not sure if we entered the password correctly or it was really slow.  I forgot to ask the staff because we were just really happy to be there. Hmmmm I’m pretty sure they will improve it right away! 😉

 the ultra soft and cozy king size bed with silky sheets!




the living area with huge picture windows! yey! 




it includes a full size executive desk as well as a “40 LCD tv with cable




 a very elegant bathroom with separate shower and bathtub




loaded with all the stuff needed for grooming




 i really had a relaxing time while bathing in the tub. glad I was able to shake off my stresses during our stay




 a fully stocked mini-bar and refrigerator




meet Andrew!




We got so curious that we asked soooo many questions! Good thing Andrew was very nice enough to even give us a quick tour around the place!




He showed us their Deluxe rooms which were equally elegant and cozy minus the living area. It’s around 34 square meters. 




They got 5 elegant function rooms for corporate meetings and other intimate events. They even have this majestic Grand Ballroom which can house around 300 people!


Very classy! Ideal for big events such as wedding receptions, corporate launches, parties, debuts etc!!



we heard that many companies are holding their events here!  I believe they are making a really good choice!





We were captivated by what we saw on the 3rd floor….


I instantly fell in-love and was mesmerized with their Samanea. Very quiet and peaceful! Perfect!




This place is ideal for intimate dates. We even requested the staff to have breakfast here!




 I really believe I have to seriously learn how to swim… who could ever say no to this? I find it to be a bit narrow though. The pool looks very safe and you really don’t have to worry because a lifeguard is always there to assist you. They also have a kiddie pool for your little ones!




the Jacuzzi is a must try!!! Sir Eman assisted us with the controls and water temperature! Imagine relaxing in a warm Jacuzzi over looking the city!!! Oh Boy! This is the life!!!! It was such a pleasurable experience!




 The fitness center and spa are still under construction but for the meantime, they can hook you up with the nearby Gold’s gym for a free session and they also have an in-room massage service. Hopefully the whole construction will finish this year!




After that tour, Frank and I decided to try the lunch buffet at the Acaci.

The buffet schedules are as follows: Breakfast 6am-10am; Lunch 11am-2pm; Dinner 6pm-10pm


Their Coffee Shop or the “Acaci” looks very chic and stylish with its high ceilings, ultra comfortable seats and lots and lots of natural light for your maximum dining pleasure!




We always indulge ourselves with delectable dishes each weekend and we have a lot to say about the food but we’ve decided to write it on a separate post so be sure to read the 2nd part of this feature!



After that gastronomical treat, it’s siesta time! yey! Relaxation to the max!


I personally enjoyed sitting on the sofa while looking at the picturesque cityscape!




Heaven! we’re in heaven! I love afternoon teas! This is such a nice reward to give yourselves from time to time!




we enjoyed lounging around watching tv




To tell you honestly, it’s the best bed I’ve experienced so far!



they also provided us with these bedroom slippers! hihihihihi we enjoyed sitting on the sofa while looking out the window!




Here’s the view from our window! You can even see the sunset here! Sooooo romantic!




Ok, ok, so the Acacia has got all the amenities of a luxurious 5-star hotel…..


……………..But what made our stay very memorable? 



….. it’s the genuine PINOY HOSPITALITY which made all the difference!




Meet the wonderful staff! We mean it when we say WONDERFUL

This all-Filipino staff is composed of a healthy mix of new breed and well-experienced  people from the hospitality industry! All of them collaborating to come-up with the best ideas on how to serve customers better!



Here’s a tip to all you often angry and unreasonable customers: If you wanna be treated with respect, you have to show other people that you deserve it! Be courteous and polite. They are professionals too!  Take the time to reach out, get to know the staff and be reasonable!  If you do that, they will definitely treat you  with extra TLC! =)   (bow)


the Acaci staff doing a wacky pose



the staff at the Lobby Lounge




The staff was soooo warm that we ended up doing a mini fun shoot for them. they loved Frank’s photos!




Dinner time came and we decided to dine in the Lobby Lounge to try their ala carte dishes.  The staff was delighted to see us for dinner after that fun afternoon! They really made sure we had a great time! They even gave us extra treats to try out!



  Sir Mark made us try their signature Oreo Cheesecake which is totally to-die-for!!  MMMMmmmmmm

I believe they have an on-going Coffee and Cake all-you-can promo for only 388php




We genuinely enjoyed talking with the staff especially to Ms Yam and Sir Mark that we lost track of the time! Believe it or not, we finished way past midnight!




We also got the chance to meet their Executive Assistant Manager, Sir Laurence




It was also a pleasure to meet Sir Naz and Sir Lem!




I’m sure this is not the last time!!! =)

We shall return!



And because the staff enjoyed having us, they even gave us a Thank You cake! This is really sweet guys! Highly appreciated!




Awwwwwww!!! The over-all experience was superb! We really believe that the service made all the difference! We’re so glad that we decided to spend the weekend there! I believe that all of us deserve to experience living in the lap of luxury from time to time and feel how it is to be pampered! You know you deserve it so give it a go! 

As to what I always mention and preach, it’s not just about the food, nor the place but more on the people you cross paths with, the stories you hear and the lives you touch which make each adventure unique and special….. it’s really all about building relationships  and making lasting memories!  I may say that Frank and I once again had a meaningful weekend, and we  feel ever so blessed and thankful! =)

Experience Filipino Hospitality at its finest at Acacia Hotel Manila!

… another MUST try hotel when in Manila!


Acacia Hotel Manila

5400 East Asia Drive corner Commerce Avenue, 
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang,
Muntinlupa City 1781

for inquiries pls call 720 2000 / 588 5888

or email:

be sure to like them on FaceBook:




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 Acacia Hotel Manila:A Filipino Five-Star Luxury Hotel in the South of Manila!

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