9 Places to Go and What To Do in Salcedo Village Makati

Neighborhoods are warm, welcoming, they make you feel a sense of closeness. They are also melting pots for food, drinks and experiences When In Manila. For people who don’t reside in Salcedo Village Makati, people ALWAYS know when asked “Do you know Salcedo Makati?” often answered with “Ahh, yes I know Salcedo.. it’s that place at the back of Greenbelt? Or Ayala Triangle? Basta! Yun na yon!” But no guys, Salcedo Village isn’t a place to say “Basta!” nor to be confused with “That place at the back of Greenbelt which is Legazpi Village.” Let me tell you its distinction, where to go, what to do, When In Salcedo.

As a child of Makati, grew up on the other side of it. We would visit Salcedo Village for beautiful weekends strolls, lovely courteous cozy people, business men in suits with a laptop on hand walking to a fast paced rhythm, seeing dogs being walked and babies on strollers, you can’t really point a finger on what market Salcedo people belong to. Slow or fast paced, we’re not really sure. But whatever you may be, there’s always a place for you to hang out at in this cozy-fast-paced-ish village.

9.What to do in the morning?


“Ohhh instagrammers brought me here!” Yes, yes. We are fully aware of the alluring power of Instagram to an instagram-worthy place like the Salcedo Saturday Market. With fresh greens, a crazy long range variety of cuisines, it’s not unusual for this Market to have stayed for years.


We saw fresh seafood and fresh produce, with a hint of “Oh, it is an actual market” from my friend who came here for the first time. Yes, there was nostalgia of the wet markets from childhood as there were really fresh wet seafood sprawled upon counters. And yes, there’s more to this instagram-worthy market than “just” the Lobster rolls and Baklava food-fies.


Did someone say BAKLAVAAAAAS? Yes, we did. Beautiful as it’s flaky filo-filled crumbs collect on your shirts, it would be worth it. Don’t forget to bring some home! Thank you Middle East.


One of the freshest Ginger Ales? Why not? Yes, it’s only 11am but no one will judge you for sipping on an ice cold Ginger ale from Stanford & Shaw. 2% of alcohol won’t hurt, during a bundle of shawarma in one hand, perfect.


Also, most merchants here are the actual owners. They promote sustainable living from their products and livelihood for other people in need. Their hands on method with their businesses is a form of entertainment on my end. As while ordering a bowl of Thai noodles, stories of the Filipino merchant’s adventures in Thailand and how she met the man of her dreams and learned to cook Thai food for him was the birth of her love of cooking as well. Everything you buy comes with a story, I guarantee it.


What about those beautiful lobster rolls? “Where can we find them!!!” -shouted the instagram surfing crowd. Well, they’re here in Salcedo Saturday Market. And yes, they are quite glorious.


Bun Appetit (@bun_appetit) Lobster, Crab and Shrimp rolls. Really fresh, as fresh as you probably should consume them within the day or at once. But that won’t really be a problem. It’s not just the fresh lobster knuckle filling–which they are very generous of– but I love the light tangy mayo at the bottom and their buns which are grilled on a skillet with butter. Drooling yet? Here’s my favorite variant: The Shrimp Roll.


The Salcedo Saturday Market
LP. Leviste, Velasquez, Tordesillas St. Jaime C. Velasquez Park
7am- 2pm; Saturdays

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