8 Times This Makeup Artist Gave Us Major Halloween Makeup Goals

When it comes to Halloween, I always tend to find myself in a bind. What do I wear? Do I even have to wear anything? Where can I find a decent costume? Who can do my makeup? And then I stumbled upon Kate of @beautygonebad on Instagram, a 15-year-old makeup goddess who constantly gives me major Halloween makeup goals.

On her Instagram account, she calls her a ‘makeup shapeshifter’ and I have to hand it to her because, my golly, she is! If you’re quite makeup savvy yourself or know someone adept in the makeup world, then here are some of her creations you might want to take into consideration now that Halloween is nearing once again:

8 Times This Makeup Artist Gave Us Major Halloween Makeup Goals

8. Spider-Woman

7. Catwoman

6. Poison Ivy

5. Harley Quinn

4. Mystique

3. The Joker

2. A Walking Dead Zombie

THE WALKING DEAD SPOILER.. KINDA? Anyway, anybody who’s talked to me lately knows I’ve been obsessed with the walking dead, so I wanted to do Carl’s Missing Eye makeup!!???????? This is my first time ever making my own prosthetic, and I’m pretty proud. It’s not perfect, but everyone starts somewhere. ???? I sculpted it with normal air drying clay and then I covered it in liquid latex a few times, waited overnight and then peeled it off with powder and adjusted the size with small scissors a few times. The liquid latex method gets rid of a LOTT of detail, but that was expected, so I tried to make big shapes. (Also, I know I don’t have an eyebrow on the other eye, I’m not a professional ????) – Pretty much ALL of these products are from @mehronmakeup (Liquid latex, water activated paints, a few kinds of blood) minus the concealer/brown eyeshadow for a dirt effect and gel in my hair for that greasy effect. ???? (PS- Thank you @catiecreations for the tutorial! She’s a really underrated artist, go check her stuff out! ????)

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1. A Pop Art Zombie

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