7 Gifts to Give the Different People in Your Life


When it comes to birthday gifts, one size does not fit all. One of the challenges to buying gifts is finding the perfect item that they will love. Since our friends and family have different passions and interests, we have to find that one item that will suit their personality.

We list down the seven gifts you can give to the different people in your life, so you won’t have a hard time when their birthday is coming up:

7. Shoes for the shoe addict

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For true-blue shoe addicts, a few pairs are never enough. There’s always a new color or a new style to wear and rock. For the shoe addict, the best gift is obvious: an addition to their growing collection. But don’t just give them any pair. Check out their collection and see what they don’t have. If they have a lot of heels, opt for something more comfortable like a pair of ballet flats. Do they like going to the beach? Give them a pair of funky flip flops. Find a pair that suits their personality and they’ll love you forever.

6. Limited edition toys for toy collectors

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Do you have a geek in your life? They are fun to buy gifts for because there are a lot of merchandise to buy for them. All you need to know is their fandom. Are they a Harry Potter geek? A Batman fan? A Game of Thrones nerd? To make the gift extra special, get them a limited edition toy that no one else has. Check out specialty shops or search online to find something rare.

5. A fancy table set or table mats for foodies and chefs

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Chances are, the foodies and chefs you know are serious ‘grammers. Help them improve their #foodie game by buying them a fancy table set for their birthday. As always, customize it based on their needs. If they are tea connoisseurs, buy them a beautiful tea set with a matching teapot. If they like desserts, a cake stand or decorative saucers to put cupcakes are perfect gifts. Even something as simple as an elegantly-designed table mat can turn the humblest of dishes to #foodporn status.

4. Lucky charms for someone who’s into accessories

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Accessories can elevate an outfit, so a good idea for a gift would be lucky charms! Unlike clothes, accessories never go out of style, so this can be worn with any outfit at any season. Of course, lucky charms are the best option in terms of accessories, because who can ever say no to good luck?

3. A ‘fine, fresh, fierce’ look for makeup enthusiasts

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When it comes to makeup, less doesn’t always mean more. For hardcore enthusiasts, a donation to their collection is always welcome. If you’re planning to get your friend makeup, make sure to find out what they use the most. Are they a lipstick kind of girl? Do they hoard eye shadow? More importantly, you have to find the shade that complements their skin. This is easy. Simply look through their makeup kit and take notes.

2. Stylish ensembles for fashionistas


Some of the best people to give gifts to are fashionistas because they’re more than willing to experiment with fashion. And there’s plenty of options: shirts, jeans, skirts, sweaters, and more. You can choose to get them something from their favorite store, or an item from a local brand. Make sure to get them the right size!

1. It’s always the right gift: SM Gift Card

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If you want to get the celebrant something regardless of their interest, give them a gift card! Gift cards are actually thoughtful presents because you’re letting them get what they really want. It’s also helpful if there’s something that they need that they haven’t told you yet. An SM Gift Card is always the right gift because it can be used in different shops, depending on their preferences and needs. They will surely love it!

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