7 Awesome Personalized Gift Ideas in Manila: Better Gifts for Everyone

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Top Personalized Gift Ideas For All Occasions


Christmas is coming! Have you bought your gifts yet? Why not make it more special by giving personalized gifts that are custom made just for that special person?


Here are a few personalized gift ideas for all occasions:


7. TESSERA BY PAF (our TOP pick and MOST FAVORITE among all the personalized jewelry makers)

Tessera by PAF Monograms TEssera Celebrities

“Pieces of Tessera by PAF are made of either 14k pure solid yellow gold, 14k pure solid white gold, or 14k pure solid rose gold. You can also have pieces made that are 14k and 18k gold plated or 14k gold electro plated. Overall, I would gladly recommend Tessera by PAF for personalized monograms and handmade jewelries simply because they produce quality pieces that are worth the price. For me, anything personalized is always thoughtful, thanks to Tessera by PAF, gifts for moms, sisters, best friend and loved ones won’t be a headache anymore.” – Ivica Rae Say





6. Personalized Storybooks for Kids


“We all want to be a star of our own story.  As a child, we once wished to be the princess, the heroine or the mermaid who always saved the day on the storybooks that mom and dad used to read us before going to bed. How nice it is to read a book with your name printed on it? Your own adventure book where you are the star, and the heroine (or hero).  Your name printed in shiny, colorful pages of a book with drawings of friendly animals and cheerful aliens.  Then you can exclaim, “Look It is About Me!” – Ruth Dela Cruz


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5. ISTORYA Creations


“Istorya Creations is a brand that thrives on the ideal of making memories last in the form of hand-made, personalised mementos. You can choose to have anything engraved on your items, be it a specific date, a quote or saying you live by, or anything of significance to you or your loved one; this is what makes your Istorya pieces even more personal. ” – Alessi Brugada



ISTORYA Creations also make hand-stamped luggage tags, lovely gift for couples, colleagues, dad, tito, tita, just about everybody.


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4. Elena Bautista

Elena Bautista 4


“Every piece is made with passion.  She wanted to offer cheaper yet classy alternatives to the public. ” – Ivica Rae Say


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3. Ash & Muff

 Ash and Muff Personalized blankets5


“While personalized jewelries and accessories are perfect gifts for girl friends, moms and sisters… For (uncles, daddies, titos), babies and kids, blankets would be a good pick! Thanks to Monogram It By Ash & Muff, having personalized blankets won’t be a problem anymore!” – Ivica Rae Say


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2. Bella Marie PH


“Bella Marie is popular for its highly customizable and colorful nameplate necklaces, available in an array of bright colors, fonts and designs, made with a glossy finish. They can bring to life whatever design you have in mind, from simple nameplates to trendier lip pendant designs, even nameplates with unicorn and crown accents! I find these designs to be fun statement pieces that add a much-needed pop of color your usual ensemble, the perfect gift for a fondly thought-of friend or one of your besties!” – Alessi Brugada


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1. Chop Blocks Portrait Ink Stamps

Chop Blocks

“Say goodbye to your cliche “This belongs to: _______” tag. What better way to claim ownership on your things than to put your name  (I mean FACE) on it? With this stamp, surely no one else can claim that your book, planner, notebook or what-have-you is theirs. For crying out loud, your face is on it. You’re the only one who owns THIS kind of stamp. How can it be anyone else’s? ” – Kristin Militante


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Top Personalized Gift Ideas For All Occasions