Tessera by PAF: Personalized Gold Monograms and Handmade Jewelries for You and Me

When In Manila, I have always been a firm believer that colorful is happy. So when it comes to my bikinis, shoes, tops, dresses and accessories, I always see to it that they are either printed or really colorful. I rarely invest on pieces that are so called “classy” because I believed that my personality doesn’t fit it. Thank God for friends who push you out of your box, I’ve opened my mind to the idea that everyone can be “classy”.  Because of that, I’ve started investing on pieces that would bring out the “classy” in me. 🙂 From clothes, to shoes.. and now to jewelries. 🙂

Tessera with PatMe, Joanne and Pat, owner of Tessera by PAF

So here’s one piece I really love–not just because it is classy, but mostly because it is personalized (check out Istorya Creations for more personalized items) — here’s my Tessera by PAF story.

Tessera by PAF Monograms 4My very first Tessera by PAF piece 🙂

Tessera by PAF: Why Tessera?

Tessera by PAF is owned by a full-time corporate employee, Pat Fider, who wanted to fulfill her love for crafts and jewelries. She started Tessera by PAF with her very own piece that she uses until now. Through the help of friends who admired her creation, Tessera by PAF started building audience through word of mouth.

Personalized Monograms By Tessera

Pieces of Tessera by PAF are made of either 14k pure solid yellow gold, 14k pure solid white gold, or 14k pure solid rose gold. You can also have pieces made that are 14k and 18k gold plated or 14k gold electro plated.

Tessera by PAF GoldPLatedMy lovely gold plated monogram

They specialize in monograms or “name initials” but caters to all jewelry designs you can think of. All you need to do is inquire if you want a specific piece made. If you already have a specific design in mind, you may email a photo to Tessera or if none, they can also be the one to make a design for you. After your approval of the design, processing of your piece starts which usually takes 2-3 weeks. 

Tessera by PAF6Pieces ready for shipping for celebrities like Billy Crawford, Gretchen Fullido and other customers. 

I opted to have a 14k gold plated monogram made with my initials on it because I find them really classy. It has become my favorite as of the moment because I can wear it with anything. Like what they always say, you can never go wrong with gold 🙂

Tessera by PAF Monograms 3 Personalized monograms by Tessera by PAF

Just like Pat and her friends who wear their Tessera piece anytime!

Tessera by PAF friendsCertified Tessera Girls!

If your are worrying about authenticity, Pat can do meet ups to show samples, or if not, Tessera by PAF has a certificate of authenticity that will come with every handcrafted piece.

Tessera by PAF 2 copy2Authenticity check!

I love that Tessera by PAF makes quality personalized pieces that are truly considered a keepsake. Not only that, they also want your piece to last a lifetime, so a care instruction sheet is also included in the package.


Tessera by PAF 2 copy4Follow these steps to care for your Tessera piece. 🙂

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