Istorya Creations: Customized Hand-Made Jewelry with a Story to Tell


Customized lockets and leather bracelets with engraved letters.


Istorya Creations: Customized Hand-Made Jewelry with a Story to Tell

When in Manila, personalized and hand-made little items will always have a soft spot in our emotional Filipino hearts. I personally admire pieces that are custom-made, things that I’ve had a hand at creating or designing, as it makes it all the more my own. Putting your personal stamp on things will never lose its charm; this is why in an era where everything is mass-produced for commercial consumption, Istorya’s hand-crafted trinkets seem to be the ideal gift for the special people in your life, including yourself.



Leather bag tags and bar-pendant necklaces, too dainty for my life.



 Customized bag chains according to your desired style and finish


Istorya Creations is a brand that thrives on the ideal of making memories last in the form of hand-made, personalised mementos. They feature hand-carved metal jewelry that are all highly customizable with silver or gold charms and semi-precious stones, although I have to say that the most exciting part of which is having your own name or saying engraved in your jewelry. You can choose to have anything engraved on your items, be it a specific date, a quote or saying you live by, or anything of significance to you or your loved one; this is what makes your Istorya pieces even more personal. Have fun with making your jewelry your own and take your pick from the different font types and metal finishes available.



Charm bracelets personalized with engraved silver and gold plates.


As each piece is only created per order, you can be sure that the items you receive are all one-of-a-kind treasures, each with its distinct slants and curves. All metal plates and bars are cut, hammered, smoothed, filed and sanded by hand, and even the word engravings are manually imprinted into each pendant. Everything from its texture and finish, to the little irregularities in its typeface and alignment adds to the charm and authenticity of each piece. Every order is lovingly made by hand from start to finish, a unique labor of love that is well worth sharing.



 The Amore necklace with a swallow charm.


istorya-creations-customized-jewerly-5 Gold engraved bookmarks!



Cutest triangle-pendant necklace!


Among their most popular jewelry pieces include the Amore necklace which features overlapping metal plates strung together on a chain, which you can choose to customize with your own preferred metal type, font, size and finish. I am a personal fan of their constellation pieces, which show an engraving of your zodiac sign’s constellation on a plate pendant. They also take orders for bag tags, leather bracelets, metal bangles, rings, bag chains and even bookmarks, all of which are highly customizable to your liking.


istorya-creations-customized-jewerly-8 Layering my Istorya necklaces.


The real beauty in Istorya’s creations is that each piece has a story to tell. I don’t think there could be a better way to encapsulate a feeling or moment (aside from photos) than with keepsakes made especially for the recipient. It is in this case that the adage “it’s the thought that counts” most definitely applies.





Istorya Creations


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Istorya Creations: Customized Hand-Made Jewelry with a Story to Tell