6 Hilariously Pinoy Habits That You’re Probably Guilty Of

6 Hilariously Pinoy Habits That You’re Probably Guilty Of


We’re more than just amiable and hospitable. We have a lot of fun and quirks too.


1. Making the IMpossible possible.

If your glimmer of hope is just half a square foot in a packed LRT, you’ll probably use your powers of diskarte to fit in.


7 Hilariously Pinoy Habits

“Kasya pa yan!”

Photo via philstar.com by Zer Cabanatuan


2. Overloading everything

From excess airline baggage (mainly due to pasalubong) to an overpopulated motorbike, we find ways to save on extra round trips.


7 Hilariously Pinoy Habits2

The culture of “sabit”

7 Hilariously Pinoy Habits4

Photos via liveinthephilippines.com


3. Adapting new lingo to everyday language

Keri. Keribels. Push mo yan ‘te. Churva. Jowa. Jowaness (Jowang kamukha ni Vaness). All these and many more are seeping into a vibrant Taglish slang.


7 Hilariously Pinoy Habits3

 Comics by Manix Abrera via kikomachinekomix.com


4. Having total disregard for the weather

Denim mini shorts under the rain and cold? New sweater in the sweltering summer? Why not?

Drinking hot coffee in the scorching heat of noon? Craving ice cream mid-typhoon? Push mo yan ‘te.


 7 Hilariously Pinoy Habits5




5. Blowing on your halo-halo/ ice cream

The secret to great halo-halo? Blowing on every spoonful just before it reaches your mouth.


7 Hilariously Pinoy Habits7


6. Having endemic short-term memory loss

Our conversations often resemble a game of charades. “Si ano, nagpa-ano na!” “Who?” “Si ano. Yung may kwan…ano.”


7 Hilariously Pinoy Habits8


Note: These are based on common personal experiences. What about you? Any recurring habits or attributes that are seemingly Filipino?

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6 Hilariously Pinoy Habits That You’re Probably Guilty Of


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