Top 20 Signs You’ve Been Living in Manila for Too Long

Top 20 Signs You’ve Been Living in Manila for Too Long


I’ve been living in Manila for about five years now. I love this place and find it hard to leave; but I’ve always loved change, exploring new places, feeling lost, rediscovering myself, making new friends, and finding myself all over again. So in my current state of debating on whether or not it’s time for me to leave Manila and move elsewhere, I’ve realized a few things about the me today, as compared to the me from before I moved to Manila.


Here are the Top 20 Signs you’ve been living in Manila too long:


20. You leave one piece of food on the tray

There were five pieces of shrimp left. You took four and left one, this makes you a respectable human being and a noble Filipino.


19. You make an aerial rectangle when asking for the restaurant bill

Phil Jackson’s Triangle Offence ain’t got nothing on me!


18. You look when someone says Psssst

Say my name say my name… Psssst. 


17. You point with your lips

It’s there! There! Look where I am pointing damnit!


16. You ask for a discount for everything

So if I sold my soul to you, you’d make me rich and famous? Can I get a discount?


15. You wrap everything in plastic

I wrapped my plastic in plastic, just to protect it.


14. Waiting 30 minutes for a 3 minute YouTube video is a norm

I could have probably found a cure for cancer in the combined time I’ve waited to upload 3-minute movie trailers from YouTube. Too bad my internet connection was too slow when I searched for “cure for cancer.”


13. You brush your teeth in the office bathroom after lunch

You know the saying, a toothbrush at lunch a day, keeps the dentist away.


12. You think that a bath and a shower are the same thing

I’m going to take a bath now


11. A club and a nightclub are not the same thing

If you don’t understand this, you are probably a girl.


Top 20 Signs You Been Living in Manila for Too Long

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